Monday, April 25, 2011

Well, where do I even begin. I guess I will just try to "briefly" catch up! October was a good and a bad month for us. Great because we did a lot of fun Halloween activities but bad because Dallin ended up in the hospital with some respiratory issues-so now he has an inhaler that we periodically use! Overall though it was a great holiday, although because Halloween fell on a Sunday we only handed out candy instead of trick or treated for candy...but we did make "mummy dogs". The boys were so cute in their outfits: Dallin as Indiana Jones (he looks so handsome), Evan as a pirate (such a cute pirate) and Andrew as a mouse (adorable need I say more). For Halloween we participated in a Trunk or Treat at church, attended a carnival a the super dentists, watched Dallin march in his school Halloween parade, went on a Scooby Doo Mystery adventure, had Grandma Perry visit us and we made mummy dogs, it was a wonderful holiday!Oh and Scott and I saw Beauty and the Beast-it was a wonderful date night!