Monday, October 4, 2010

What can I say...I am a terrible blogger. I have all of these lofty goals but then I get too overwhelmed because I get behind because let's face it- I am a die hard slacker and nothing gets done. And then I procrastinate putting up new pictures, so then new events keep coming and everything builds up..and I can't just do it a little bit, you know I am not a "condensed" person, so I end up doing nothing-"sigh". But I will attempt to catch up or a least put up a few pic's and hopefully upload newer pic's to the computer and attempt to catch up.

So I will post the last of the Disney pic's and then move on to more current events. In my last post I said I would post some of our favorite Disneyland pictures: So in no order, here they are!
This was so cute, Big Cousin Ethan took Dallin on Thunder Mountain, it was so cute, but I was a nervous mom the whole time. In fact I couldn't keep my eyes off of them-it was too cute and I was too nervous...without looking at the horizon I got a bit nauseated, but it was well worth it!
TT and some of the Perry girls.

The Perry Samson bunch with their faces painted. Grandma Perry paid for this and the kids loved it! They all looked so awesome!

Grandma Perry and Wyatt, I love his little smile!

Uncle Michael and baby Andrew. Michael held Andrew a ton, it was so cute!

These are from when we got home...Dallin took this pic of me (in Evan's hat) and Andrew.
My three handsome boys. We got them hats-they were expensive but so worth it, I love them!
Andrew's first trip to Disneyland-2010 at 4 and a half months old.
So cute, my big guy and my little guy!
Don't you dig Dallin's Haunted Mansion hat? He loved the Haunted Mansion ride!
Baby Andrew with his "prize". Uncle Michael paid for all the kids to do a fishing game and Andrew won one of the biggest prizes-this goofy which is bigger than him! Thanks Uncle Michael!
Our sweet baby Andrew,need I say more?!
The Indiana Jones costume kit that was Dallin's souvenir-need I say more?!
Dallin got picked from the audience to participate in this little show in the back lot of Disney California (we sat up close on purpose...I was hoping having his face painted-although it was from the day before and faded, would give us an edge...well it must have!). They drew this pic of a "hero" and Dallin had to say a couple of lines and show his muscles, then he got to keep picture. It was awesome! Especially since up to this point Dallin was being "5" and didn't want to meet any of the characters.
Evan on the other hand wanted to meet every character. It was the cutest thing, he would run into their arms-talk about magic!
Mom, Evan and Buzz .
Having so much fun...Evan passed out in the stroller. I think we have a similar pic of Dallin years ago in a similar position-haha!
(Sorry about the orientation). Evan loved having his face painted. He still will talk about the snake on his face.
This was awesome. Dallin loved playing the part of the Pirate all day, it was classic!
Evan with is favorite guy! To Infinity and Beyond!
My 3 boys outside of Monsters Inc.
3 of my boys getting ready for Toy Story Mania-best ride ever!!! Genius!
Evan ran into Mickey's arms, it was so cute!
This was Dallin's high for the day-riding Indiana Jones! He loved this ride and it was so fun to see his enthusiasm, he loves Indiana Jones. It was awesome!
ARGH! Walk the plank! My little pirates!
Evan and Tigger need I say more.
Bryanna in the treasure/jewels and my boys being pirates. Boys will be boys!
Entering Disneyland 4th of July 2010!! Scott, Evan, Dallin, Great-Grandma Perry, April and Andrew! The beginning of a great trip! Thanks again Perry family, we love hanging out with you! Can't wait until Christmas when we will be united!