Monday, August 9, 2010

Disneyland Samson/Perry Style Over the 4th of July

Sometimes you have to go backwards to go although this post happened before the start of school, I am now getting to it. You try to go through 297 photos and pick a handful to depict your five day trip to Disneyland!!! We had a wonderful trip, here are some collages of the highlights, I will go ahead and post this and then put up individual pic's in the next day or so (fingers crossed). It was a wonderful trip! We love being with family and who doesn't love the "Happiest Place on Earth". Thanks to Michael and Tera and the kids, and Mom/Grandma Perry, and Grandma/Great Grandma Perry for travelling down, we had a blast!!!

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Day 1: 4th of July Disneyland

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Day 2: California Adventure

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Day 3: Back to Disneyland for facepainting by Grandma Perry

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Day 4: Back to California Adventure

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Day 5: The Jedi Academy at Disneyland


Perry Bunch said...

Great pictures!! I was working on a side show. But got over whelmed with all the pictures. Maybe before we get back in town I will blog.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. Looking forward to some individual ones too. We did have fun. Can't wait for our next family get together...Christmas.

The Anglesey Family said...

Do you guys have season passes to Disney????
I love all these pictures! The boys looked like they had a blast!

Darren & Kenna said...

Yeah, that looks like a fun time!

SVB said...

Great Dallin's serious face as a Jedi in training...very serious stuff!!!

Great-Grandma said...

I'm having serious problems with my computer - love the pictures of all the kids faces painted. I know I saw them at Disneyland, but it's nice to see them before sweat, etc. Love you and thanks again.