Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I have a whole Disneyland trip to post, but I feel I must get to the more important event....Dallin started kindergarten July 21st! Can you believe it, my baby boy now a kindergartner. About a week before kindergarten registration they changed the kinder program at our school from half day to full day kinder. I spent many an early morning feeding thinking, reflecting and crying at the idea of Dallin being gone all day. I think I had been okay at the idea of half day, but this totally came out of no where, he is only 5 how can he be in school all day? My little guy, gone from me all day, but now that he has started I really think he will be okay.
So, let's back up July 21st was "our" first day of school. Our school does a really neat program where they have the parents come the first day of school and you have orientation with your child (we were all only there 2hours). Dallin met his teacher, found his name tag and cubby, and followed a classroom scavenger hunt where he drew a picture of himself, cut a piece of paper, wrote his name, found the bathroom and drinking fountain and took their height and weight measurements. Dallin's teacher is in charge of a little garden that they have at the school, so the kids all planted a pumpkin seed as well. It was a great day and to be honest it made me feel a lot more comfortable with leaving him the next day. I have to say that the next day-his first full day of kinder all by himself, wasn't too horrible for me. I think that because he was so excited and I knew his teacher and his classroom and that he has a friend from church in his class etc. that it all made the event less painful. I did get a bit teary-eyed, and then realized that I had forgotten to wear my sunglasses (a tip given to me from my sis in law to help hide my eyes), so when I saw him looking at me I quickly asked him to tell his friend a story and that took his eyes off me and brought my eyes back to normal. I will say that I was a bit lost without him home all day, but I know that he is having so much fun!!! He loves it and that makes me happy! Unfortunately the last two days he has missed school (I know already) because he has been sick (we all have been), but I am hoping he will be able to go back tomorrow! He is such a good boy and he looks so handsome in his uniform carrying is huge backpack. I am so proud of him, he is such a smart little guy and although I miss him I know that he is having a blast and learning more than he would here at home with me!

Look at how handsome he is!!! This was the first day, he was so excited! Can you tell?
What a doll!

Him in his uniform and his big backpack!

Mommy and Dallin right outside of the school! (Mommy being strong. Even though I was there with him for the orientation, my eyes filled with tears a couple of times during the orientation.)

Dad and Dallin outside of the school-first day of orientation!

"Draw a picture of yourself the first day of kindergarten"

Here is what he drew: Looks like Jack the Pumpkin king (we had recently watched "the Nightmare Before Christmas")

Printing his name.

Cutting along the lines.

Dallin with his teacher.

Dallin by his cubby!

Outside in the garden.

In the garden. Look at that cool Scooby Dooby Doo backpack.

Silly Dallin!

Dallin and his friend Kamryn.

Planting his pumpkin seed.


Mom/Grandma Perry said...

Yes, mom he is all grown up. How is that possible? I remember holding him on the day he was born. Has it been that long...5yrs? He does look so handsome in his uniform and so excited to be a big boy and going to school. You all will be fine and think of the stories he will have to tell about his day. It was very nice that you got to go to school with him the first day instead of just saying goodbye at the door (personal memory). Tell him Grandma Perry thinks he looks so cool and that I love him.

The Waldrams said...

They will learn so much! I'm sure they will have a lot of fun too. I love his GQ poses!

Melissa said...

These pictures just make it all the more real. You are handling everything so well. I hope I can do as well.

Perry Bunch said...

Dallin you look so good! Love that you have a garden at your school. I hope you are enjoying school.

Great-Grandma said...

Shoot, it made me teary eyed just reading and looking at the pictures. He is so grown up and taking the whole thing like he'd been in it for ever. It seems like a long time for a little tike to be at school, but I guess they are better at adapting at that age. Thanks for the wonder pictures. Love you all!

Fisher Family said...

WOW! Look at him posing for the camera! Hard to believe that they grow so fast... and he's so handsome! Are you guys on year round school... you start super early! Isaiah's gone all day, Caleb and Ellie half of the day. It's crazy!