Monday, June 14, 2010

Random pictures....playing catch up

The last several months have been so busy and we have had a lot of family and friends visit us which means we do a lot of fun things. Since I am so far behind on blogging (what a surprise) I will just show pictures of the highlights.

People asked me about my birthday (or week) and I really did have a great week. The night before my birthday I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a bunch of the lovely ladies from my ward. We had a fun time and the food was delicious-I tried a new dish and a new cheesecake (mango key lime). It was a ton of fun-thanks ladies!

One half of the table-look at my goofy face, who knows what I was laughing about!
The other half of the table.

On my actual birthday Scott and the fam took me to Ikea to pick out an office chair-since I sit at the computer quite a bit and then we went to BJ's for dinner. We had great pizza, but horrible service. My pizookie was delicious, but tiny....I should have ordered a regular one to go with my birthday mini, but again, the service was bad so that didn't happen. It was still a nice night though!
Two of my handsome boys!
And me and the troublemaker! But he is another of my handsome boys!

My birthday mini pizookie-look at Evan eyeing my treat!

Grandma Marian came down to visit for Andrew's baby blessing and for Dallin's birthday. While she was here we went to a local lake and tried to feed the ducks. This is a great picture of her and my boys!

Feeding the ducks. The boys rode their bikes and would get off at different spots to try to entice the ducks...but the ducks weren't hungry, so the seagulls took advantage!
Grandma Marian with the little boys. What a great picture!

Being silly, that is more like it!

After we took Grandma Marian to the airport we went to a fun park on the bay. The kids loved it, although they weren't too fond of the jets taking off across the bay!

Two of my sweet boys!

Dallin on the swing!

After playing at the park we decided to take a stroll on the pier. Well this nice man (in the picture above) let Dallin reel in his catch. It was awesome, and just as I was going to take a picture of the boys with "their" catch my battery ran out on my camera...but I pretended to take the picture so the guy wouldn't feel bad. Haha. But I do have a small video of Dallin reeling in the fish, it was super cool. This man also gave the boys cut up fish to feed the birds, and we saw a sea lion and a great blue heron. It was awesome!

This is what Scott comes home to everyday-I just get soooo tired. Although Dallin doesn't typically take a nap.

Dallin loves his Lego's... and in the Lego magazine he gets there are competitions to build things, so the theme for this competition was something you would find on the farm. I think he did a great job! Now, I just need to print this off and actually send it in!

Evan of course likes to do what Dallin does so here is his creation and pose. He is so funny!

Here is a picture of me and my boys. I never tend to be in the picture, so I asked Scott to take a picture of me and the boys.

This was the hat that Dallin's teachers gave him at preschool!

This is a video of Andrew talking to me.

This is how the boys have fun!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the Father/Sons camp out, Dallin's stitches and his preschool graduation!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love the video of Andrew talking to you. So cute and it was nice to see a picture of you and your boys this time. :)

SVB said...

Finally, it's not like I see you all the time or anything, but I like to see your pictures!!! I love the pic of you and the boys, so cute! Evan seriously cracks me up...remind me to tell you what he was doing when we watched the boys the other night.

The Anglesey Family said...

I agree with Sarah! You're not in nearly enough pictures!
I love this post!!! It was a little of everything!

Fisher Family said...

Your family is so stinkin' cute! We need to come visit you so our boys can teach yours some cool "boy" stuff! LOL... not really, but some day we'll come visit!