Monday, June 28, 2010

Father and Son campout!

Back in the middle of May our ward held its father and sons camp out and Scott was a real champion....he took both older boys!!! So it was just Andrew and me at home-very nice, although if I remember correctly Andrew didn't sleep as well as I had hoped he would and Saturday morning there was a small earthquake...I don't know if that really was a fair trade off!!! While the older boys were gone Andrew had a little photos shoot with a friend here in my ward, I am eager to see the pic's!!! As for the older boys they had a great time eating treats, getting dirty , hiking, sleeping in sleeping bags and a tent and just having some daddy time! It was a nice (exhausting) weekend! Looks like having all boys means that in a not too distant future, once a year I will have a weekend all by myself...not necessarily a bad thing!!!

This is how the trip started. Evan almost didn't go, I think he was upset about the garage opener at this point.

What a cutie! Dallin was super excited to go camping with Daddy again (he went last year and had a blast). Here he is equipped with his flashlight and headlight, he even had finger lights that he busted out at the campsite! What a happy boy!

And then there was Evan. I think he was crying he wanted mommy, but I was encouraging daddy to take him. Notice he has his headlamp on as well.

Now that is a little better-not so many tears!

Home away from home!

We knew that Evan would be fine once he got there and sure enough here he is all smiles roasting marshmallows with dad.

Now that is a happy ( and messy, sticky) boy!

Nothing like sitting by the campfire making and eating smores!

All ready for bed. This was Evan's first time in a sleeping bag and in the tent. Scott said the boys were so tired they asked to go to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Dallin, the camping pro!

Breakfast the next morning. You can never get both of the boys to look at the camera at the same time, oh well.

See, happy again! This is Evan getting ready for the hike! We thought it would be best to keep Evan "contained" while on the hike so Scott brought the backpack. He said it worked out perfectly and Evan loved being up so high!

Dallin ready to hike with his camel back on! Apparently it had a leak or something so his bottom ended up getting all wet.

Dallin and his friend eating watermelon. Some of the men on the trip either don't have boys or they are all grown up so they brought their daughters (actually I think this was the only girl this time).
Sorry this is tilted, but I lack the motivation to try to fix it-blogger drives me crazy as does my photo program so it will be left as is! Here is Evan in deep thought as he eats his watermelon.


Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun was had by all (once all the drama was over). Evan certainly is his momma's boy. Here's hoping that next year you will get that "alone" time while the boys are out having fun.

Great-Grandma said...

Fun, Fun, Fun. Your family knows how to do it all. What a good thing. Keep it up and enjoy any down time you can get! Love you.