Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scars, Graduation and Legoland...OH MY!

June was a very busy month for us. But hey, face it, I like busy. Earlier this month we hit a milestone or so I am told-Dallin had stitches for the first time. Scott told me it was a rite of passage for boys to have stitches, I only wish that he would have been there when the rite of passage occurred, but that wasn't the case...I was there. We went to a park here that sprays out water and somehow he banged his chin (the underneath) splitting it open. Fortunately my friend was there whose son had done something similar a month or two earlier so she was my rock when I got a little panicky (thanks Sarah). So we headed to the Doctor's office and I must say Dallin was really a trooper through the whole ordeal. He was very brave even though it was super scary-oh my sweet little boy!

Dallin also graduated from Preschool in June. At first I thought it was kind of silly to have a cap and gown for the Preschool graduation, but I must tell you when he put it all on he looked sooooo handsome and I must confess I was a little teary-eyed when he stepped out of the car and put his cap and gown, life fast forwarded to age 18 and senior I am going to be a mess.

He is such a handsome little guy and he was so serious as he walked in for the graduation. He even got a special award for being such a big helper and example in his class. I couldn't be prouder.
This month Dallin also learned to ride his bike without training wheels. We took him to park and Scott started him on the grass and ran after him but he had no problem. He is now a pro!
Evan also reached a milestone-he learned to ride his tri-cycle with no problems. He does such a good job and loves riding his bike. We think that as soon as we get him a big boy bike he will take off on that as well.
Andrew is just as cute as ever. He rolled over a couple of times on his own, but wouldn't cooperate when I wanted to film it, so it still remains undocumented. He is such a happy baby...I wish he would sleep more at night or wake up less often, but he really is an easy going baby as long as his belly is full and sleeps when he is tired.
Scott and I are doing well. Scott's job continues to go well, and next week we are on vacation! YIPPEE!! I am going to start teaching a biology lab at the local community college here in town so that is exciting! Life is great!
Here is our sweet baby, he sleeps like all the rest of the Samson boys!
The ugly cut!
A week later!

Evan wanted to wear the hat too!
Dallin with one of his teachers!

The boys! This picture cracks me up because Evan has snuck his face in with the older boys...haha!

On the way to his graduation, what a handsome boy!

This is where I got teary-eyed...don't you see it 13 years from now?!?

This when Dallin received his special award for being such a good helper in class. He was presented with a lei and a McDonald's gift card.

Dallin and his friend Josh waiting in line.

Mom and dad waiting for the little graduate to make his entrance.

Scott and his boys!

The Samson family!
The boys-Dallin and his friends Ethan and Josh.
This is more like it-being silly!

This is how Dallin eats popcorn-he steals it from Andrew as he takes a nap!

Dad and Dallin as coast patrol at Legoland.

Grandma Perry and Evan flying the helicopter.

Aunt Sue and Andrew at Legoland.

Dallin driving mom around.

Evan such a silly boy.
Dad and Evan flying.
Mom and Dallin self-portrait.
The crew getting ready to drive boats.

All three boats together.
Evan driving Daddy.
Dallin driving Grandma.
Scott riding a crazy ride that spins you around on a robot arm.
Mom and Andrew hanging out!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Father and Son campout!

Back in the middle of May our ward held its father and sons camp out and Scott was a real champion....he took both older boys!!! So it was just Andrew and me at home-very nice, although if I remember correctly Andrew didn't sleep as well as I had hoped he would and Saturday morning there was a small earthquake...I don't know if that really was a fair trade off!!! While the older boys were gone Andrew had a little photos shoot with a friend here in my ward, I am eager to see the pic's!!! As for the older boys they had a great time eating treats, getting dirty , hiking, sleeping in sleeping bags and a tent and just having some daddy time! It was a nice (exhausting) weekend! Looks like having all boys means that in a not too distant future, once a year I will have a weekend all by myself...not necessarily a bad thing!!!

This is how the trip started. Evan almost didn't go, I think he was upset about the garage opener at this point.

What a cutie! Dallin was super excited to go camping with Daddy again (he went last year and had a blast). Here he is equipped with his flashlight and headlight, he even had finger lights that he busted out at the campsite! What a happy boy!

And then there was Evan. I think he was crying he wanted mommy, but I was encouraging daddy to take him. Notice he has his headlamp on as well.

Now that is a little better-not so many tears!

Home away from home!

We knew that Evan would be fine once he got there and sure enough here he is all smiles roasting marshmallows with dad.

Now that is a happy ( and messy, sticky) boy!

Nothing like sitting by the campfire making and eating smores!

All ready for bed. This was Evan's first time in a sleeping bag and in the tent. Scott said the boys were so tired they asked to go to bed and fell asleep pretty quickly.

Dallin, the camping pro!

Breakfast the next morning. You can never get both of the boys to look at the camera at the same time, oh well.

See, happy again! This is Evan getting ready for the hike! We thought it would be best to keep Evan "contained" while on the hike so Scott brought the backpack. He said it worked out perfectly and Evan loved being up so high!

Dallin ready to hike with his camel back on! Apparently it had a leak or something so his bottom ended up getting all wet.

Dallin and his friend eating watermelon. Some of the men on the trip either don't have boys or they are all grown up so they brought their daughters (actually I think this was the only girl this time).
Sorry this is tilted, but I lack the motivation to try to fix it-blogger drives me crazy as does my photo program so it will be left as is! Here is Evan in deep thought as he eats his watermelon.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

We had such a wonderful weekend!!! I just wanted to let everyone know how much I love and appreciate Scott. He is such a wonderful father to our boys. I love watching him play with them and wrestle with them! He is a great dad, our boys are so lucky to have him! Happy Father's day!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Random pictures....playing catch up

The last several months have been so busy and we have had a lot of family and friends visit us which means we do a lot of fun things. Since I am so far behind on blogging (what a surprise) I will just show pictures of the highlights.

People asked me about my birthday (or week) and I really did have a great week. The night before my birthday I went to the Cheesecake Factory with a bunch of the lovely ladies from my ward. We had a fun time and the food was delicious-I tried a new dish and a new cheesecake (mango key lime). It was a ton of fun-thanks ladies!

One half of the table-look at my goofy face, who knows what I was laughing about!
The other half of the table.

On my actual birthday Scott and the fam took me to Ikea to pick out an office chair-since I sit at the computer quite a bit and then we went to BJ's for dinner. We had great pizza, but horrible service. My pizookie was delicious, but tiny....I should have ordered a regular one to go with my birthday mini, but again, the service was bad so that didn't happen. It was still a nice night though!
Two of my handsome boys!
And me and the troublemaker! But he is another of my handsome boys!

My birthday mini pizookie-look at Evan eyeing my treat!

Grandma Marian came down to visit for Andrew's baby blessing and for Dallin's birthday. While she was here we went to a local lake and tried to feed the ducks. This is a great picture of her and my boys!

Feeding the ducks. The boys rode their bikes and would get off at different spots to try to entice the ducks...but the ducks weren't hungry, so the seagulls took advantage!
Grandma Marian with the little boys. What a great picture!

Being silly, that is more like it!

After we took Grandma Marian to the airport we went to a fun park on the bay. The kids loved it, although they weren't too fond of the jets taking off across the bay!

Two of my sweet boys!

Dallin on the swing!

After playing at the park we decided to take a stroll on the pier. Well this nice man (in the picture above) let Dallin reel in his catch. It was awesome, and just as I was going to take a picture of the boys with "their" catch my battery ran out on my camera...but I pretended to take the picture so the guy wouldn't feel bad. Haha. But I do have a small video of Dallin reeling in the fish, it was super cool. This man also gave the boys cut up fish to feed the birds, and we saw a sea lion and a great blue heron. It was awesome!

This is what Scott comes home to everyday-I just get soooo tired. Although Dallin doesn't typically take a nap.

Dallin loves his Lego's... and in the Lego magazine he gets there are competitions to build things, so the theme for this competition was something you would find on the farm. I think he did a great job! Now, I just need to print this off and actually send it in!

Evan of course likes to do what Dallin does so here is his creation and pose. He is so funny!

Here is a picture of me and my boys. I never tend to be in the picture, so I asked Scott to take a picture of me and the boys.

This was the hat that Dallin's teachers gave him at preschool!

This is a video of Andrew talking to me.

This is how the boys have fun!

Stay tuned for more pictures of the Father/Sons camp out, Dallin's stitches and his preschool graduation!