Friday, May 21, 2010

The Month of May

The month of May is always a bit crazy for us-it is one of the busiest birthday months for our family. In addition to birthdays this month, we also blessed Andrew, we were so fortunate to to have family and friends supporting us! Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures of the blessing-poor Andrew, he really is the 3rd child.

So we will start with Dallin's Birthday-man he had quite a birthday "week" . We went to Legoland the Saturday before his birthday, unfortunately it was the busiest day ever-Carlsbad day. It was super disappointing because of the crowds, but we have a second day that we can go, so hopefully that will be a much less crowded day. Then had a family party on Sunday while the grandma's, Aunt Sue and the Pratts were around, and then we had a "little" friend party at the park!

Aunt Sue, Grandma Perry, Me, Grandma Marian, Scott, (front row) Andrew, Evan, Dallin and Great Grandma Perry. All the adventurers who headed to Legoland. We started out so excited and happy to be at Legoland, but then the lines were huge and the whole place was crowded-which lead to some crying-and not just the children. But honestly all in all it was fun to be with the family.
My 3 boys-oh so excited to be at Legoland.

Dallin by the Lego Police guy.

Evan wants to be just like Dallin in all things, so he wanted to stand in front of the Lego guy, but he totally covered him.

"Indiana Jones" ride. Nothing like hanging out with an Ogre and eating ice cream.

Oh sooooo yummy!

"Indiana Jones" ride.

Welcome to Legoland Las Vegas.

With the birthday and blessing we had a lot of visitors. The family pictures are the only pic's we got from the blessing weekend.
Great Grandma Perry with the baby Andrew.

Great Grandma Perry, Aunt Sue, and the boys (baby Andrew, Dallin, and Evan) (Niki Pratt in the background)

Grandma Perry and the Samson boys (Evan, baby Andrew, and Dallin)

The family birthday-Legos!!!!!

Games and a towel.

Indiana Jones cake-YIPPEE! It was a hit!

The ball actually rolls out toward Indiana Jones, just like the movie!

Cake from the top!

Then we had a "little" friend birthday party at the park, with Pizza, and cupcakes with little Indidna Jones rings.

Blowing out the candles.