Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fun at home

I thought I might as well update my blog, even though nothing major has gone on recently, it is always fun to see new pictures. The boys and I have been enjoying good weather and for me more energy. I feel like I have recovered really well from Andrew's birth, but the last couple of weeks I have felt great-just a ton more energy than I have felt in a long time. So we have been out and about! Dallin started another session of Preschool, which he loves. His teachers always tell me he is a good boy and that he will do great in Kindergarten! What mom wouldn't love to hear that. Evan and I do errands or just play and get frozen yogurt when he is at school. This last week we even hit the zoo-how fun is that! Life if good, what can I say. Scott is doing really well at his work, and they are treating him really well. Next week Dallin will be 5, can you believe it and his mom will be....well we won't go there, but it will be a busy week, full of family (coming down for Andrew's baby blessing-May 2nd come on down, and birthdays), food (we like to eat out for birthdays and the first week of May is birthday week for us) and fun (plans to go to Legoland-for Dallin's b-day). And now the pictures:

We walked up to the farmer's market by our house a couple weeks ago and we finally ran into the balloon man...okay let me explain, the balloon man is amazing, let's call him a "balloon artist", he can do anything and usually there is a huge line waiting for his talents. Well, it must have been our lucky day because we found him right as he was getting to the Farmer's Market. Dallin wanted him to make Indiana Jones (his newest superhero). He decided to do a cartoon version.
Dallin and his silly Indiana Jones. Dallin picked out the color balloons for his pants, shirt and hair. Evan had a balloon of Spidermans "Venom"...but of course at his age, he wanted Dallin's balloon so there is no picture of Venom (but he was awesome too!).
Chocolate Fondue night-yummy!
Who doesn't love to wear chocolate?
This is serious business!
Is that just normal happiness or sugary happiness?
Dallin ready for school-he is such a handsome boy, even when he is "trying" to smile.

Here he is doing his homework!
There is our happy Little Andrew-isn't he a doll, don't you want to gobble him up?
So Evan's hair has gotten rather long, and it has a bit of wave to it, so dad likes to style it! Cheeseball!
Hair up high!
Our trip to the zoo-there is a Koala in the tree behind him.
At the zoo with his friend Maddie. The elephants were right there!
Another hair day-how about combed over?
...with a duck tail/fan in the back. Scott cracks himself up doing Evan's hair.
Evan photo shoot, he loves to show off his hair! Looks a bit sneaky doesn't he?!
And again, what a happy boy!

Life is good!


AJsGirls said...

Love it, April! The boys are more handsome than ever and I am so glad that you are feeling so good. We still have Dallin's character on our Wii and Noelle loves 'to be Dallin' every so often. XO

Shillawna said...

Great pictures, April! You are all looking great! I'm glad you're recovering well from the birth. Keep blogging!

Alice Jane said...

What a bunch of cute kids April! I'm sure that your home is always full of lots of fun.

Oh, and that is so funny that Rebecca is in your ward. Isn't she beautiful? She worked for my brother in law for a long time. What a small world!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see an update and more pictures, can't get enough of them. I think you might have a blue eyed boy! Great pictures, those boys are so silly. Can't wait to see you, tomorrow. We'll have such fun. Love you. Hugs and kisses from Grandma Perry.

The Anglesey Family said...


RR said...

Your boys are really cute..and tan!
How's it going with 3?

Great-Grandma said...

Better late than never. Great pictures and what fun you all have. Being a stay at home mom must be the best thing in the world. All of the boys look so grown up. Love them all (even Scott)lol. Looking forward to July and Disneyland. Glad you got some great deals on clothes too. Talk to you soon.

Perry Bunch said...

Great post april! How are you doing with 3 little men in your home. Ethan and I both like your new family picture on top of your blog. You all look great!! See you at DL in about 40 days!!