Tuesday, April 6, 2010

6 weeks!!

Can you believe it, Andrew is 6 weeks old today. I just can't believe how quickly the time goes. He is such a sweet little boy-he only gets angry when he is hungry, and usually that is only if I don't get to him while he is grunting (a noise that keeps Scott awake, but is a signal to me that he is up and ready to eat). The boys still just love him to death. Every time they see him it is like he is brand new and they have never seen him before. They are always right there the minute he is awake (or when he is sleeping), but it is super cute. I love that they love him so much!

As I was deciding which pictures to place on this post, I realized that the last 6 weeks has brought a lot of family visitors and therefore a lot of fun events....so picture overload warning!!!

When I had Andrew, as I mentioned in the previous post, my mom stayed with us the first 5 days. Then we were home alone for another 5 days and then my grandma came down for a week, and then after she was here my mom and my brother and his family came down. Then Scott's sister Janice and her family came over and spent time with us. We were (are) so blessed to have so much family love us and Andrew so much to travel here and take care of us! Thanks for all that you did (and do) for us! We love you all so much!

When my mom and grandma were here, we laid really low-I just wanted to keep Andrew home and I wanted to rest. When my brother and his family came, we did lots of fun stuff- we went to the beach, the Mormon Battalion and the zoo. We had a great time with them and they just loved on our little Andrew.

When Janice and Dave and their family were here, we went to Hoodad's, Seaport Village, the outlet mall at the border and then just hung out here at the house. They too just loved on our little Andrew-especially Nora, she held Andrew anytime she could! We just loved visiting with them, it was a ton of fun. As you can imagine with both sets of cousins Dallin and Evan just loved playing non-stop with all the cousins! Thanks Perry's and Willman's for helping our boys have fun while adjusting to life with a new baby brother.

So as you can see, we had quite the eventful 6 weeks! I feel so blessed to be the mommy of these beautiful boys!

My boys!

Grandma Perry with the Samson boys-really I have 3 boys???
My three boys!

This is how Dallin is any chance he gets-he loves to hold the baby. And Andrew loves to be held by him, he generally falls asleep on when Dallin holds him.

Grandma Perry and cousin Ethan at the beach!

Dallin wrote his name in the sand at Coronado (the first attempt was his name spelled perfectly backwards-so cute)

The Perry kids and two of the Samson boy's at the beach.

Wyatt and Evan up close and personal with a baby condor.

I love this picture, don't you think Andrew is so cute?! (2 weeks old)
Cousin love! Oh the fun! A 5 year old and a 4 year old and a zoo stroller=lots of giggles!

Uncle Michael and Wyatt.

Aunt Tera and an unhappy baby Andrew (2 weeks old).

Dallin the Leprechaun-he made his hat and "pot 'o' gold" at school, and then added the blanket when he got home.
Katie and the baby.

Bryanna and the baby.

Ellie and the baby.

Dallin and Nora at Hoodads.

Nora, Aunt Janice and baby Andrew at the outlet mall.

Who says I need a little girl? I found Evan putting makeup on.

He was so excited. Maybe Dad should be home a bit more?!?

First time at the Park-hey smiley baby!

Playing at the park.

My scooter boys! So cute!

Bath time!

My handsome boys on the way to church.

This is as serious as it kits!

Dallin assuming his normal position-baby holder.

Dallin at the park with some friends collecting eggs.

Happy Easter!

Happy 1st Easter Andrew! What a cute boy! (The thinker)

Easter spoils-which included a fish tank and fish...which have died already. Apparently you have to put drops in the water here, because it is chlorinated...something the Easter Bunny failed to inform us of. Oh well, the boys enjoyed watching the fish being flushed down the toilet. When Scott got home, Evan said "Fish in the toilet" and started to laugh. But no worries we will get more fish soon, and we have already bought the drops.

Dying eggs. Their strategy was just to put the eggs in as many different cups as possible, as fast as possible.
The boys both had their shirts off, I tried to convince Scott that he needed to have his shirt off to, but he wouldn't cooperate.

The classic Samson boy sleeping position-arms over the head.

Chocolate-that is my boy!
And here is Andrew now 6 weeks old. So serious!
Looks like a blue eyed Samson boy...
This is a picture that Dallin took-not half bad!


The Anglesey Family said...

Oh my gosh.....Andrew already looks soooooo much like Scott!
I love the pictures of Dalin and the baby. So cute!

The Waldrams said...

That is so sweet that Dallin loves to hold him so much! Sibling love is great! You do have adorable boys.

Jennie said...

love this post! The info and the pictures - it wasn't an overload =) You've definitely had a BUSY 6 weeks! I'd love to come play with your 3 boys ....

Krista said...

I love my family! you are all so cute. I cannot wait to meet the new little guy! love ya

Great-Grandma said...

What a blessing for us to have you close and able to enjoy the Samson family. I had a great time there just relaxing and holding great-grandchild #8! You can tell Andrew is a Samson, except for the blue eyes they all look alike. Sweet! He's grown so much. Looking forward to another visit.
Love you all.

Melissa said...

Oh April, he is SO DARLING! You have the cutest boys. I hope little Andrew keeps his blue eyes. I remember us talking about recessive genes and such. Thanks for your card. We love you guys.

Mom/Grandma Perry said...

Great pictures. He is a cutie, just like the other two. I was so happy to be able to come and be there when he was first born. That is such a special time. I love you. Give hugs and kisses to all your boys from Grandma Perry.

katie said...

Wow congrats on your new beautiful boy! Darren actually randomly asked about "the Dallin that used to live by us" the other day. We are going to Disneyland and seaworld in Sept. Hopefully we can arrange to see you while we are there!

Perry Bunch said...

I love his thinking picture. We had a great time. You guys sure been busy these last 6 weeks. Only85 more days we will see you at DL.

ckkg said...

ohhhhh, he is just so cute! beautiful eyes, skin, dark hair! looks like he has fit into your family perfectly and you all are loving having mr. andrew around! congrats!!!

Lucinda said...

Thanks for the pictures. He is cute and so are the boys and you are a doll, lady!