Friday, March 5, 2010

The Birth of Andrew John Samson

It is actually funny because the day I went into labor (Feb. 23rd) I was going to post a note letting you all know that I was still pregnant and that I just was too lazy to post anything, but then I went into labor and had a baby instead. I was going to post about Scott's birthday (see pic's below), Valentine's day, and even post of pic of my pregnant belly-not super flattering but people always want to see what you look like pregnant (at least I do-this was taken about 5 days before Andrew was born). So rather than go into a long narrative about the above mentioned events I will just post pic's from them.

We had a nice birthday with Scott-nothing fancy just low key at home. Since he loves Monopoly I thought this shirt would be appropriate.
My three boys, the two little ones were most eager to help Dad open his gifts.

Here Evan is actually opening Scott's present-what a good boy and such a nice helper!

Here dad was teasing Dallin about what this gift could possibly be....something red and yummy?!? This was a gift from the boys-red vines and Lego Indiana Jones video game.

The boys picked out balloons for dad-Dallin picked out Wolverine and Evan picked out a pirate balloon.

This is me at nearly 39 weeks pregnant. I wasn't feeling that good this day, so I had Scott come home. It was a false alarm, mostly just anxiety, but we got things done (Scott built 2 dressers and we got all the baby clothes washed, the bassinet up and ready and overnight bags for us and for the boys ).

We had a nice Valentine's day. Scott got me 2 dozen roses-made my day and made me teary eyed. And I got him Turtles. The boys got nice cards from Grandma Perry.

As most people know, my deliveries with my boys weren't that great, and so I was super nervous about physically having this baby (as I am sure most women are). I think I was making myself sick thinking of delivering this baby. Fortunately Scott gave me a blessing and I felt a lot more peaceful about it. So how did it happen. Well, Tuesday the 23rd started out like any other day. I had taken Dallin and a friend to preschool so Evan and I headed to a park by the bay to play. I had talked to Scott on the phone and told him that very rarely I had a "pain" but that is probably wasn't labor. I even joked about having the baby that night, but never really thought that I would actually go into labor that quickly. See, I don't dilate or efface before it is time for me to have the baby, so I am not super familiar with contractions as someone who has contractions weeks before the baby. So I just continued with what I was doing not really believing that I could or was in labor. Well after playing and walking at the park and pier, and basically running errands all morning, I came home and layed on the couch for a couple of hours feeling "pains" pretty consistently, about 10 minutes apart. When Scott came home I told him that I had been feeling "pains" (not really pains-it wasn't hurting yet) for a couple of hours which set him running to get things all ready to go. I thought they might be false labor pains so I decided that instead of laying on the couch I would go and take a bath and see if they subsided. Well, they started to come quicker, and since we don't live too close to the hospital (and given my quick delivery with Evan), we decided it was time to head to the hospital. We dropped off the boys with a good friend (thanks again Rebecca for watching and taking care of our boys while we were in the hospital) and headed North. We got to the hospital around 6 pm at which time we were told that all the triage rooms were full....and that means???? So they placed us in a labor and delivery room, checked me and decided that they would keep me. I was so excited. They then got my IV ready, blood work sent off and ordered the epidural. The anesthesiologist arrived (one of my favorite people ) and viola I was ready to go. The epidural worked great, it was about 7:15pm or so and I was just relaxing. We started to watch the Olympics and then I started to get a "pain" in my right side. It was bad but I could tell it was due to the contractions I wasn't supposed to be feeling. Well, we tried to fix it, but in the mean time they broke my water which then made the contractions come quicker and more intensely, thus the "pain" got more intense. By about 11:30pm the pain was pretty intense and I was on the "10" side of the pain scale (the crying side), they were sending the anesthesiologists helper with some more medication as he was now in a c-section, when the nurse midwife came in a checked me and told me I was at an 8 and would be having the baby in about five minutes. CRAZINESS! It was so fast! They got things prepped, and at 11:46pm Andrew John Samson was born (although he didn't have a name until we were getting ready to leave the hospital). It was super fast but a great delivery, I think Scott said I pushed through 3 contractions and Andrew was here! It was a very emotional and spiritual experience. Scott even got to cut the umbilical cord. So here are the pic's:

After the epidural-the other pic's of me just looked yucky, not my best angle!

Just waiting to have a baby!

Our little guy right after birth!

Grandma Perry made it to the hospital before they moved me to my room (like at 2am-what a trooper)

Our new baby!

Daddy and Andrew, what a great picture!

The newest member of the Samson family, leaving the hospital!

All dressed and ready to go!

Not so happy about being in the car seat!

Meeting the boys! They were so excited to meet their new little brother.

Evan holding Andrew-he really didn't know what to think! He still is fascinated by his tiny toes and fingers...oh and his eyes!

The biggest brother. Dallin wants to hold him all the time, it really melts my heart!

We are so blessed to have Andrew in our lives. I can't imagine our lives without him. The boys just love him. Dallin always wants to hold him and Evan always wants to touch him. I love my boys so much and am so blessed to have them in my life. I am so grateful for Scott who is the best husband in the world. He was an amazing "coach" and I couldn't have done it without all of his love and encouragement! He is amazing!