Friday, January 22, 2010

Holidays-Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas

I have been asked many times if I blog anymore...that is a great question. I think like most slacker bloggers, once you get behind, the task seems too big that you prefer not to blog rather than attempt the blog that is ahead of you. Or maybe you think that if you look at your blog every once in a while it will have been magically not the case. So here I attempt to catch up on all the holiday! WARNING-PICTURE OVERLOAD and they are in a random order, although I attempted to at least place them by holiday!!! And, with my growing body, please don't focus too much on the many unflattering pictures of me found below. What can I say, the holidays were fantastic and we are so blessed.

The beginning of the Christmas Holiday: I will just start with something that we did before we left for the Holidays. We wanted to do some family stuff before we left town for a couple of weeks, so we headed to the zoo for their celebration. As you can tall by the evening, it was a cold night but it was lots of fun. It had rained a bit, so there were far fewer people than normally would have been there. We were present when they lit the Christmas tree, we road Rudolph's Skyfari across the park, and we even got to pet an armadillo and an ant eater. It was a fun evening. We then headed around town to look at lights!
Here we are at the zoo for Christmas! It was cold, but super fun!

Mom and dad, not a bad self portrait!

Sorry it is sideways-but here is orangutan Dallin

Orangutan Evan
Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving this year was spent with the Perry/Carnahan/Jacobs clan. What more can I write about Thanksgiving than, I love it! I love the food, I love the company I love trying to remember to be thankful for all of our is just a wonderful holiday. We decided that since we would all be together that we definitely needed to get a group photo, so we headed to UNLV and took some fun photos and let the kids run around a bit out on the grass. The weather was fantastic! We then later, as is tradition headed to the movies were this year we saw "Planet 51". It was a nice break and it was so great to be with family!

Dallin and Cousin Deonna-a cute picture after they were being so silly!
Cousin Jeromy and Evan

Mother daughter picture-Grandma Perry in the middle who started it all, then from left to right, Cousin Deonna, Aunt Sue, mom and then me! What a lovely picture!

What a great picture of Aunt Sue, Grandma Perry and mom!

The Perry/Samson/Carnahan/Jacobs ladies.

The Perry/Samson/Carnahan/Jacobs men.

The twins!

Michael, Tera, Sue and Jeromy at the "adult table"....questionable! (haha)

Dalton, Ethan, Grandma Perry and Wyatt at the kid's table.

The Carnahans at the Thanksgiving feast!

Deonna and Cody Jacobs-their first Thanksgiving with the Perry's/Samson's

Evan and Katie at the kids table, being silly

Dallin, Ellie and Bry at the kid's table.

We headed to Arizona for a brief visit with the Willman family (Aunt Janice and Uncle Dave). The boys loved the trampling and everything about the Willman family (the kids, the big backyard, the dog etc.)...this is one of the few pictures that was taken as I ended up in the Emergency room/hospital for gall bladder problems.

Halloween: I know, I know, this holiday sometimes gets a bum rap, but I absolutely love Halloween, I think it is such a fun holiday and come on, who doesn't like getting all that yummy candy?!? We had a busy Halloween/Fall Season. We went to a pumpkin patch, carved pumpkins with some friends and then the kids dressed up about 4 times during the Halloween holiday. It was a blast and the best part is that we didn't have to buy any costumes thanks to cousin Ethan who loves to will his old costumes to us, and our family friends the VanBoreums!

Halloween: Costume number 3-the incredible hulk

Buzzlight year trick or treating on Halloween night

Halloween day-costume #2 for Evan who is now a vampire and #3 for Dallin who is the hulk

Grandma Perry came to visit!

Vampire and the Hulk head out for Halloween day fun!

Samson family at the ward trunk or treat.

My boys, Buzz, Captain Jack Sparrow and Scott the "Scot"

Captain Jack Sparrow

Buzz and Captain Jack at the ward trunk or treat.

Evan went to build a bear since Dallin got to go to preschool and have a Halloween party.

Dallin as Captain Jack Sparrow headed to preschool Halloween party.

Dallin and Scott's awesome pumpkin!

Evan and mommy taking out the guts of our pumpkin!

A collage of our pumpkin patch adventure! It was so fun to go to a pumpkin was a little weak compared to those in Utah, but I will take it any day over the ones they set up in the parking lots of the malls here! We had a great day taking a hay ride, getting lost and found in a corn maze (we let the boys lead the way out) and petting the animals at the petting zoo. What a great memory!

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Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a great holiday season. Fun pics! Hope you are feeling better after your trip to the hospital. fun!!!

Melissa said...

April, your little belly is so cute as is your family. I loved the pictures. Nicky is in preschool too. Isn't it weird to have school size kids? I thought that baby phase would last forever.

Anonymous said...

Very nice to see you've jumped back into your blog. Even though I was a part of some of your holiday fun, it's is nice to see all the things I wasn't there for and remember those I was. Love all the Halloween pictures as I only saw the Hulk and Buzz when I was there. And we did have fun a Thanksgiving once you decided to get over that scary gall stone episode. lol Love you and see you in a couple of weeks.

The Anglesey Family said...

Wow!!!! There was a lot to update!!! I loved all the pictures!!!

Great-Grandma said...

Well, I had a comment and it went into syberspace! Here goes again.
The pictures are great and really enjoy seeing all of you holiday adventures. It seems like the year has passed so fast and it's good to see some of it on your blog. Glag you did it. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Give everyone hugs. Love you.

Perry Bunch said...

You do Blog :). Love the halloween pictures your boys look great. It was great chatting with you. You are down to 3 weeks and another little Samson boy will be here.Super exciting!

The Van Boerum Family said...

It's about time you updated your blog woman! I know I see your family all the time, but I still like looking at your blog too! Talk to you soon!

ckkg said...

I love your catch-up post! I didn't know you were a twin?! How are you feeling?! baby is almost here!!!

Darren & Kenna said...

Love the pics and you look great!

Fisher Family said...

Wow! You're one busy mama!! I love your Halloween Costumes.... how much longer do you have before you pop that baby out? Let us know when the big day comes!