Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tidbit of information...

I am not good at this kind of thing, so I will just say case you haven't noticed our newest little ticker on the blog, we are having a baby, another BOY at the end of February. I think most of you who read my blog are already well aware of this, but for those who don't know, well there you go! I will admit, when we had the big ultrasound and they said "BOY", I got a little teary-eyed (sad tears), I kind of wanted/hoped for a girl. But then when we saw the rest of the ultrasound, he just looks so cute and my little boys will all be (hopefully) good little friends, so then I got teary-eyed (happy tears) for the blessing of a healthy little boy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Summer all Wrapped up!

I keep getting asked if I have stopped blogging and the answer is no-for the most part. I am just lazy and then overwhelmed at all the things that I haven't blogged yet about, so this will be summer in a nutshell:

After Lake Powell we headed to Vegas for our annual 4th of July get together. It was a lot of fun (as usual). We swam at Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim's pool, ate yummy food, hung out with the family (some new I might add-the Jacob's family-love them!), and then ended the night with an awesome firework show!

Firework show

Mommy and Evan-he loves to hold my hair!

Dalton, Ethan and Evan

Most of the Jacob's family-Cody, Dalton and Deonna. Where is Brittany?

Samson family with great-grandpa Perry

The boys and I spent a good portion of the summer in Vegas so that I could finally finish up my Master's Degree. I defended my thesis July 24th, so Scott of course was up with us that weekend. We decided it would be fun to go to the Bellagio and check out the garden! (Master's degree update: after defending and passing my defense, I thought the hard part of finishing my degree was over...boy was I wrong. It has been nightmare trying to format my paper perfectly and have the right paperwork to the right people...but I received an email earlier this week that my thesis is finally good to go!! So I think that means I am done! It has been a long process but I am so greatful for the "gentle" nudges of my very supportive family over the years! It has paid off!)

Garden's at the Bellagio

The family at the gardens!

Grandma Perry and Dallin trying to catch the water!

Scott and Evan at the gardens

A salmander (I think) that the boys and daddy caught in my mom's backyard.

Besides all the running (or in the case of the boys mom dragging them) around, we did manage to be at home and play a bit. Here are my super heroes-Batman and Robin! The boys also went to the super dentist-which they love! Dallin was also enrolled in a fingerpainting class this summer, so we just let Evan join in with him. They had a good time fingerpainting and then playing in the park afterwards!

Super Heroes from behind! So sweet-Dallin teaching Evan the ways of the super hero!

Robin (aka Evan) and Batman (aka-Dallin)

Upclose of Robin/Evan

Upclose of Batman/Dallin with his gadgets!

Dallin in the dentist chair!

Evan waiting for his turn in the dentist chair. Notice he is sitting in a stump-so cute.

Dallin painting

Dallin painting again!

Evan showing off his skills!

Daddy and the boys at the park-check out Dallin surfin'