Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunset at Lake Powell

So, I guess that since I have a little bit of time I should play catch up on our summer adventures. Every year we are invite by the Smith/Pratt family to attend their annual family Lake Powell trip. I must say, this trip always makes me a bit nervous-lots of water, little boys etc., but Scott loves this trip, it is the highlight of his year. So, Scott was very excited to go this year, and by the time we get there I am always happy to be there too. We just love the Smith/Pratt family and enjoy spending the warm summer days with them at the Lake!

As you can tell by the photos there is many an hour dedicated to the water-swimming, boating, waterskiing/wakeboarding, canoeing etc. We also hiked a bit which was fun. My boys absolutely loved riding the sea doo. In fact ever time Evan saw the sea doo he would point to it and make some sound (it has been too long for me to remember what he would "say"), but he loved the sea doo. In fact all four of us took it out and we let each boy have a turn driving and pushing the throttle and Evan just cracked up when he was in control.

You can't go wrong with such a beautiful location.

Samson family doing what they liked best-riding the Sea Doo

Hiking to the top of the hill behind where the houseboat was parked.

The geocache that Rose found on the hill

Self portrait of Scott and I


Evan and mommy at the top of a different hill.

Scott getting ready to wakeboard

Evan holding the flag (sorry it is turned)

Dallin on the Boat!

The Pratt family (we missed you Scott Pratt)

The Samson family

Mommy and the boys on the back of the boat

Daddy taking the boys out on the canoe

Daddy doing some awesome jumps on the wakeboard

Again, check him out-what a hottie!

Evan and mommy-the spectators

Ellie and Dallin chillin' out on the boat

Scott touching the water

This is just a collage of our first day on the lake.
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We had a great time!!!! It is so nice to be surrounded by such beautiful natural wonders and then be hanging out with great people!