Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So I still haven't posted anything new-obviously...and now it will have to wait at least another 2 weeks as we (the boys and I) are headed to Vegas tonight, then off to Idaho with Grandma Perry tomorrow. We are excited to see the cousins and have some yummy fresh corn and jam (no pressure Tera)! Then after a little stay in Idaho we will be headed off to Utah to visit Grandma Marian and that side of the family. Like I said we are excited to go, but not so excited about all the driving. Hopefully I will remain sane throughout the travels-haha!

So, why have I not blogged in a while or at least caught up with blogging and here are a couple of my excuses:
-I have been finishing my thesis from 6 years ago. Yes it is true and I am happy to report I think I am at the final stage-the formatting! I have to meet with someone in the graduate college who gives me the yay or nay for the formatting, so hopefully she will be satisfied this time around (I met with here about 3 weeks ago and it didn't go as well as I would have liked). We shall see!!! Wish me luck!

-Also, in church Scott has been called as the Elder's Quorum president and I was called as the Primary President. Let's just say that I nearly threw up in the Bishop's office, so things have been a bit busy, but I promise to get pictures of our summer activities posted before the end of the year...haha!!!!

See you when we get back! (I tried to upload a picture but blogger wouldn't have it, it must be a sign!)


The Anglesey Family said...

Wow!I am sooo impressed with you! Sooo studious!

Vegas Hardy's said...

Congrats on Primary President! You will be awesome. You will always have a special place in my heart and my kids even if you were never their primary pres. Just the best ever nursery worker. We know you will be great. I guess you won't have your hubby available to help you since he will pretty busy in his calling too. Good luck!

Perry Bunch said...

Drive safe. The jam is ready for tasting. The corn is done. But we can got get fresh corn in Wendell. Can't wait to you and the boys. The kids are super excited to have you guys come.See ya tonight.

Great-Grandma said...

Don't eat all the corn! lol. I'm sure there will be plenty when I get up there in October. Glad April and Carole Ann got up there safely and I know they will enjoy all of you so much. Looking forward to seeing you too.

AJsGirls said...

Oh, April. I would have actually thrown up! That's a lot of work, but if there's a couple in the world who can get it down it's you two!