Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st Father Son Campout

My baby is old enough to go on a father/son campout, isn't that soooo cute. As soon as we got back into town from LA Dallin helped Daddy get everything ready and packed for the father son campout! Dallin was so excited to go. Dad had bought Dallin a headlight and boy was he in heaven. While in LA I had bought him a bug catcher, so that night camping he and his friend Ethan spent time catching bugs. They had a great time!

Roasting marshmallows and headlight-check!

Catchin' bugs!

Hiking on the trail!

Dallin and his friends on the hike!

On a more recent note: I decided to finally put Dallin in pre-school, just for the next 8 weeks (as a trial run), and what can I say, he loves it! He has so much fun, although he can never remember what he did that day. He attends with his friend Ethan. So, while he is at "school" that means Evan and I have some time together. Well, today we took advantage of a free movie program going on in the local Regal theater. It was so fun to go to the movies with him, he had the biggest smile on his face as he sat watching the movie-like he was a big boy! It was too cute! It was a nice day!


AJsGirls said...

They're both big boys! Glad to hear he loves school. We went to the movies at the Regal also...so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I see "brown bear" got to go camping too. lol How nice that you get to have some alone time with Evan and that Dallins gets to interact with other kids before he goes to "real" school. I'm glad it's all working out for the good of all of you.

Perry Bunch said...
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Perry Bunch said...

Check you out Dallin. Getting big so fast. Going on Camp out with your dad. Going to pre-school. Where did the time go April?