Friday, July 31, 2009

A slight nudge!

I was slightly nudged tonight that I need to update my blog. I think sometimes when you get soooo behind it just seems too overwhelming, but I will do my best!!! Summer has gone by in a flash and a lot has happened. The next blog I do will be our annual (when we make it) Lake Powell trip-lots of pictures to go through, so I will work on it!! Here a couple of random pic's of the boys!

Smores at home!! We had all the fixin's so we made them at home! Couldn't you just eat the boys up!

Want some? Do you see his hair-it was a bit long...

so daddy and helper Dallin cut it.

Evan fell asleep on Scott's lap while he was getting his hair cut. It was too cute!

Look at my big boy!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st Father Son Campout

My baby is old enough to go on a father/son campout, isn't that soooo cute. As soon as we got back into town from LA Dallin helped Daddy get everything ready and packed for the father son campout! Dallin was so excited to go. Dad had bought Dallin a headlight and boy was he in heaven. While in LA I had bought him a bug catcher, so that night camping he and his friend Ethan spent time catching bugs. They had a great time!

Roasting marshmallows and headlight-check!

Catchin' bugs!

Hiking on the trail!

Dallin and his friends on the hike!

On a more recent note: I decided to finally put Dallin in pre-school, just for the next 8 weeks (as a trial run), and what can I say, he loves it! He has so much fun, although he can never remember what he did that day. He attends with his friend Ethan. So, while he is at "school" that means Evan and I have some time together. Well, today we took advantage of a free movie program going on in the local Regal theater. It was so fun to go to the movies with him, he had the biggest smile on his face as he sat watching the movie-like he was a big boy! It was too cute! It was a nice day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Still catching up!

Las Mujeres De Costa Rica!

Well, I am back from our little vacations...which you will see in August if I keep with the pace I am going with my blogging-I can never catch up! But I do have excuses right-friends in town, quick trips to Vegas, vacation to Lake Powell and Las Vegas and then sick makes for a very busy time.

So, back in May the weekend after my Grandma's birthday I was lucky and got to hang out with some of my mission buddies-"Shipp" (Michelle Moore), "Stahr" (Amber Stahr) and "Hansen" (Lucinda Hyatt). It was so fun and what was even nicer was that my dear friend Elizabeth was kind enough to keep my boys over night-yeah, that is right she gave me the gift of no kids for about 30 hours, it was priceless. Elizabeth, remember, I totally owe you, you just let me know when and it is a done deal! It was so fun to go up to LA (not the travelling part, although the boys did really well), and first visit with Elizabeth and her girls and then hang out with the mission girls. It was like old times-giggling, eating goodies, mission memories etc. We ate dinner at a diner that had we known earlier we would have taken advantage of their special:free food to those wearing their pajamas. Amber hooked us up in an awesome hotel (classy finger up high), and we talked until the wee morning hours. We then got up early (not my idea) and spent the day at the Getty Museum (a free museum that is awesome-photography, gardens, antiques etc) and then the Santa Monica Pier. It was a wonderful 30 hours, just talking and laughing and catching up! I love these girls. It is shocking to me that I served a mission nearly 13 years ago (please don't do the math-that is when I left), but I am so grateful for the connection I still have to these lovely ladies. I love that even though we aren't the best a keeping in touch all the time (although Lucinda really does a good job at it), we can get together and it is like old times. I love that one of the most spiritual times of my life was spent in the presence of these fine women! Thanks ladies for being so wonderful-PURA VIDA!

Starting the morning off right in our classy bathrobes!

The tram up the hill to the Getty Museum

Steel trees made of bouganvillas flowers!

I like to call these "lady bug flowers". Aren't they gorgeous and slightly bug like in appearance?

The Costa Rican Crew: Shipp, Perry, Stahr and Hansen

Lunch in the gardens-hummus, cheese, crackers, apples, carrots and chocolate!

April and Michelle in front of the steel trees!

Me with the maze behind me! What a background!

Maze in the garden.

Where is Lucinda and Michelle?

April and Amber in the garden!

Amber and I missed the tram. You can see Lucinda in the window-how funny!

"I wish to be big"-in reference to the movie Big

The Santa Monica Pier