Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Month!

So, I have been meaning to update my blog forever, but it just takes me to long...haha, if I were short worded that wouldn't be a problem. Dallin turned 4 on May 3, and this year we decided to throw a friend party (you know, invite friends). It turned out to be such a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends. Dallin is really into Batman right now, so we had a batman themed birthday. We also wanted to have a pinata for his party, so after searching and finally finding a store just this side of the border, we found a batman pinata. I was worried about there not being enough goodies (yummy candy and fun toys) but there was plenty to go around. In fact I think that most of the kids had their bags filled to the top! It took Scott finally tearing the pinata apart (and this was after all the kids and some of the ladies hit the pinata), before the goodies hit the ground. And I must say, this was the most laid back group of pinata goodie gatherers, they all just took their time and were very particular on what they wanted! It was a great day!

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Grandma Perry came down for Dallin's birthday (this is a very busy week for her-two grand kids with birthday's and two children-but she always manages to be there for everyone). While she was down, we decided to hit the zoo. It was a nice day! We love you Grandma Perry!
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After a couple of days, it was my turn for a birthday. Do you ever notice you kind of forget you are having a birthday after you have a child with a birthday so near your own. And who I am really to talk, I have shared a birthday all my life-and I wouldn't have it any other way (love you Michael). So, for my birthday I told Scott I just wanted a really nice day, a peaceful day, and he delivered it. He got me a dozen red roses, took us all to play "rolling ball" aka bowling, then we went to Outback and then a walk on the beach. It was a perfect day! Thanks Scott for making my day so special!
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So, needless to say, it was a very busy week! Here's to next year! (He fell asleep on the stairs, haha)


Melissa said...

Wow, you really have a lot of birthdays in May. Happy belated birthday! I had no idea it was your birthday or we would have offered to watch your kids so you could have a date. I'm still going to offer. How about this weekend? I heard Dalin's party was really fun. Thanks for inviting our kids. They had a great time.

Kelly said...

Happy belated birthday to you and Dallin!

The Anglesey Family said...

Oh what a cute picture of Dallin on the stairs...YES! That party ended up being a blast. I thought the whole pinata thing was soooo funny!

Perry Bunch said...

Happy Birthday guys! Love the picture of Dallin on the stairs. We need to chat and catch up with each other. The Batman cupcakes looked good.

Great-Grandma said...

Your always post so late at night - I guess that's what happens with two kids and a lot of company. Always enjoy all that you put in your blog. Keep it up. Love you.