Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phoenix Suns Game

Last weekend I was kind enough to let Scott go to Arizona to see a Phoenix Suns game VIP style. He got to eat yummy food, high five the team members and sit about 3 rows from the action. He was in heaven as you will see in the video. I don't think I have ever seen his smile so big! Dave (Scott's brother in-law) was kind enough to invite Scott to the game. They had a blast. Scott also took Dallin with him to Arizona so that Dallin could play on the trampoline at Aunt Janice's house and play with the kids. He too had a blast. Evan and I stayed home. I had intended to do something special with Evan but he decided Saturday morning to throw-up...and then later that night throw-up again and again and again. Poor little guy. So we stayed home all weekend and basically this week! But I am happy that Scott had such a wonderful time, thanks again Dave! Here is a video of the Phoenix Sun players running in! He got to high five almost all of them! Awesome!
Shaq-the big man! (the pic's are a little blurry because you can't use your flash) Here is Scott during half time-yes that is a polish sausage (they had already eaten dinner here before the game) and a huge ice cream sundae. This is the life!

(This is a short video of the game-see how close they were!)


Perry Bunch said...

Scott that is way COOL!! Holy cow I can tell that you were in heaven.

Anonymous said...

So nice of Dave to invite Scott. You're right I don't think I've ever seen Scott smile so big; okay, maybe when he got married to you and the birth of his boys, but wow, he looks so happy. What a nice wife you are. He owes you BIG. HaHa

The Anglesey Family said...


Great-Grandma said...

What a wonderful time! Scotts smile says it all - good for you Scott, glad you have connections.
Hope that Evan is much better and April your turn is next - where ever you want. lol. Love all the pictures.

Moore Family said...

Looks like lots of fun!! Can I just tell you how jealous I am that you live in a REALLY COOL place???!!! I just love San Diego.

katie said...

HI April
Its your long lost friend katie. Your boys are ADORABLE! We went by your old house the other
day and Darren wanted to stop and see Dallin. I think it was because we had just looked at the scrapbook with Darren and Dallin at Halloween. Anyway, I hope you are doing great. miss you guys!