Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Phoenix Suns Game

Last weekend I was kind enough to let Scott go to Arizona to see a Phoenix Suns game VIP style. He got to eat yummy food, high five the team members and sit about 3 rows from the action. He was in heaven as you will see in the video. I don't think I have ever seen his smile so big! Dave (Scott's brother in-law) was kind enough to invite Scott to the game. They had a blast. Scott also took Dallin with him to Arizona so that Dallin could play on the trampoline at Aunt Janice's house and play with the kids. He too had a blast. Evan and I stayed home. I had intended to do something special with Evan but he decided Saturday morning to throw-up...and then later that night throw-up again and again and again. Poor little guy. So we stayed home all weekend and basically this week! But I am happy that Scott had such a wonderful time, thanks again Dave! Here is a video of the Phoenix Sun players running in! He got to high five almost all of them! Awesome!
Shaq-the big man! (the pic's are a little blurry because you can't use your flash) Here is Scott during half time-yes that is a polish sausage (they had already eaten dinner here before the game) and a huge ice cream sundae. This is the life!

(This is a short video of the game-see how close they were!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day

So after reading a friends blog, I decided that I too would make "green" eggs today, although we had them for dinner! Dallin wasn't too sure about them, he said they tasted funny-even though he hadn't even had one bite...he ended up eating them...Evan on the other hand had no problems eating them. I am glad we had "green" eggs for dinner because Scott didn't even realize it was ST. Patrick's day!

Dad enjoying his "green"egged breakfast burrito!

Like I said, Evan had no problems picking up the green eggs!

Dallin is really into making funny faces lately, so here they are!

So like I said, Dallin loves making funny faces...usually the face involves him crossing his eyes. It cracks me up, I just hope his face doesn't freeze like that!

Evan on the other hand is really big into mimicking lately, so here is Evan trying to do the pose that Dallin did in the picture above-cracks me up!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Still playing catch up!

The first two pictures are of my "Yoda" boys. Grandma Marian sent the boys yoda masks and storm trooper masks-they were a hit. They cracked me up-they were running around the house with the "yoda" masks, it was hilarious!

After a couple of days rest from our visit with Trent and Alicia, we then met up with our other good friends Sherrie, Brian and their cute daughter Kaiya. They were nice enough to meet us half way-so we ended up in Oceanside. It was so fun to play with them at the beach. We then had lunch at the end of the Pier at a restaraunt called Ruby's. It was yummy-the shakes were divine!

Playin' in the sand!

Is that a real Pelican?? It looked like a statue just sitting on the pier like that! Seeing the pelican reminds me of a poem I learned from my BYU professor on the coast of Monterrey..."ode to the mighty pelican, who eats all his belly-can, I don't know how the hell-he-can"...thank you Dr. Braithwaite!

Dallin with the Pelican...he was a little nervous to have his back to the pelican.

Sherrie and I trying to get close to this pelican. We were cracking up, because we thought we were super close to the pelican, but Scott kept telling us we had to get closer if we all wanted to be in the picture.

Sherrie is not so sure about the pelican!

After a nice visit with Sherrie, Brian and Kaiya, we headed home to get ready for a family visit! Yes, that is right, my mom, grandma and Aunt Sue journeyed down to stay and play with us! It was a lot of fun, although we didn't do anything that Aunt Sue had time Sue I promise!

This is Dallin at the swapmeet, grandma Perry bought him this cool batman cape/mask!

Evan and grandma Perry chillin' in some chairs in downtown Coronado!

Time to hit the beach! Here we are at Coronado!

Sisterly love! So cute!

So precious huh?!, We found this already in the sand and I made Dallin sit next to it-how cute!

Now take a closer look at the heart, wiped out! He decided to do that right after the first you think it is symbolic?

This is what Evan looks like after a beach trip in February at sunset!

The next day it was time for a little rockband!

The whole fam playing! Mom on guitar, Sue singing, Scott the drummer and Dallin on base!

Look at my future rocker!! Shirtless and all!

It was time to say goodbye and Dallin was sad!

We had an awesome couple of weeks playing with friends and family. We feel so blessed to have so many visitors!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back tracking still-Disneyland and Valentines Day!

So after celebrating Scott's birthday, I got a text message from our good friends in Utah (Alicia and Trent) asking us what we were doing that weekend (Valentine's weekend). Well they were/are troopers and they came all the way down here to visit us and Disneyland...I like to think it was us that had the most pull, but I am sure Mickey had more to do with it. So we spent two days with them at Disneyland using 2-fer passes (get into one park one day and the next park the next day for the price of a single day admission). It was a ton of fun, although Friday Feb 13th it decided to sometimes poor on us while we were at Disneyland. The little boys had a blast jumping from puddle to puddle, but it did get cold, but we stuck it through and stayed all day. We then spent Valentines day at Disney California Park. The weather was beautiful and it wasn't too crowded. It was a wonderful Valentines Day, I will expect the same treatment every year!! After a full day at the California Park we headed down to our home, where we all crashed. It was so nice to spend such a fun weekend with our great friends! Thanks of making the trip!

Here is a slide-show of our trip: