Saturday, February 7, 2009

Park Day at Free Museums at Balboa Park

So every Tuesday different museums at Balboa Park open their doors for free to the public. Every week there are different museums that are free. So Park group was held at the Car Museum one week...and since most of the group that goes are boys, let's just say that they had a great time (although the one little girl who was there had a good time too). We went to the Car Museum first, which wouldn't let us bring in our strollers, so it was quite a bit of work to keep the kids-well the little ones like Evan on the right side of the chain barriers, but the kids had a blast. They even had an area with a "ride able" motorcycle and the frame of a car. The kids loved that area. Evan is going through this stage where he loves to drive the you can imagine how happy he was to sit in the "front seat" and steer the steering wheel. I was impressed with all of the cool classic cars that were there, in fact I wouldn't mind going back and actually reading about the cars. Dallin's favorite car was the red Lamborghini, he especially loved the cool "flying" doors. He also liked the red Ferrari. What can I say he has great taste. After a little while spent in Car museum we headed to the Aerospace Museum which was also very impressive. We saw a command module (think Apollo 13), space suit, planes, name it. The boys and the inner child in me had a blast. After a few hours of playing in the museums we had lunch outside! It was a long but nice day!

After the fun at the museum we played with the camera with Dad:

Self portraits

Evan eating a California roll!

Dallin eating a dinosaur chicken nugget.


Perry Bunch said...

Love the pictures of you and Scott. You guys live in a great city always out doing something. Looks like lots of fun.

The Anglesey Family said...

You look HOT in those pictures!!!

AJsGirls said...

Your boys are so cute, April! I love Evan eating Sushi.