Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch up!

Well, alot has happened in the last month-Scott's birthday, Valentine's Day, a trip to Disneyland, and meetings with friends and family. It has been a blast, and I have fallen into my normal procrastination state, so I now I need to catch up, so here it goes: Normal Daily happenings-I like to take pictures around the house of the boys doing silly things. They are silly and they make me laugh-most of the time. Here are some funny things that they have been up to lately: We have all kinds of toys in the house, and they boys would rather put blankets over their heads-who knew?!
Carrots grew randomly in our backyard. Dallin was so excited! Mommy having a carrot! Evan just being so cute. The brown-eyed trio! Pirate Dallin! We went to a birthday party where there was a magician who painted the kids faces. The girls got cute butterflys and sparkly things...all the boys got the pirate look. It was so funny. In fact Evan had one too, but then he ate a sticky lollipop and so it was washed away. Evan doing what he does best-sitting at the table, eating! Dallin's sandwich looked like a bat...he is obsessed with batman! Daddy's birthday was a hit! The boys helped make the cake, then we suprised dad when he walked in the house. Dallin "hid" and jumped out when dad got home! He then opened his presents-which I think Dallin was more excited about the present opening than dad. Dad was so excited when he opened up Rockband-rock on! It has been a blast to play! We then went to the Macaroni Grill and then had friends over for cake. It was a great day!

These are pic's of dads birthday and the valentine get together we had with our Park Group. As you can see, it was all about the pink frosting for the boys!

The boys making dad's birthday cake!


Mom/Grandma Perry said...

Great pictures. Glad to see you're getting "caught up". I love the wigets with the boy's ages on them. Very cool. Had a great time last weekend and I'll see you in a week. Yippee!!

The Anglesey Family said...

I loved all your pictures. You're such a good mom April! I love how you had your kids help with Daddy's birthday cake!

Fisher Family said...

Are Scott and Dallin playing video games in the background... that's funny! And you have way more patience than me to let a toddler help make a birthday cake!

Perry Bunch said...

Again April love the pictures. I know what to give the boys for Christmas next year just a blanket:)lol!. Don't you know it is winter? What are you doing in shorts outside? We had some snow today. But it is starting to melt. When we are in Vegas and it will be in the 60 degree's we will want to jump in Sue's pool. So cold here. I am a little jelouse you are in shorts. See you soon.

cassie and scott said...

april, your little boys are so stinkin adorable!!!!!! and scott says HI.

Great-Grandma said...

Such helpers and what fun! Of course the toys are forgotten and imagination takes over and they both have good ones. Such fun seeing all the activities. Keep it up. Love you.