Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post Christmas Activities-San Diego style!

After Christmas and celebrating Ethan's 9th birthday at McDonald's we all headed to San Diego (all except Deonna who headed back to her betrothed and Grandma who had to take Grandpa to the hospital to have him admitted for some injuries). The Pratt family also came down and stayed at the "hotel samson" for a couple of days, so needless to say we had a blast!

Day 1: We went to my dad's house on the way down to San Diego and had yummy carnitas!

Day 2: Everyone in the fam had Sea World tickets that were about to expire, so we headed to Sea World!! We had a blast! (Although Evan stopped walking-which was a bit of a scare for us, so we spent part of our time at urgent care...just some viral infection-of course. Fortunately he did get better after a couple of days...although many others in our party suffered ill stomachs on and off during this vacation)

Day 3: We all headed to Balboa Park. First we went to the Natural History museum where we learned about mammals and dinosaurs from Ms Fizzle. Ethan actually was a large dinosaur who didn't get enough food to eat...poor guy. We then went several different directions, some went to the Aerospace museum, some went to international village, while some went back to the hotel to rescue Tera and Katie (whose turn it was for the stomach bug). We all met back in Old Town for some yummy Mexican food (the Old Mexican cafe).

Day 4: Back to Sea World and that evening down to Seaport village. Everyone (except me) rode the wooden carousel at Seaport village.

Day 5: Heading home!
It really was a wonderful trip aside from hospital visits, a bit of cold weather (I know, "southern California cold", not the rest of the country's cold), and the cursed viral infections.
I love that we had such a extended time to spend with family!!


Melissa said...

Wow, you guys are brave to have Mexican food after all the throwing up. Glad to hear that Evan is ok. How scary!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I'll have to save them to my computer so I can look at them in my screen saver. It was a wonderful time even with all the stomach problems and Evan's little scare. I love family get togethers and can't wait until the next one. Love you and see you soon. Thanks for all the fun.

Perry Bunch said...

Hi t.t. I was so glad to see you guys.I love going to Sea World and SDNHM with you guys.I love you Samson family.

love Ethan

Arya said...

Hi April, Tim has told me so much about you. It's great to hear from you. Tim was thrilled to see your post.
Arya Jones

Ashlee said...

Hermana Perry and the Vampire!?!?! I didn't know you had a blog!!!! I'm so excited to hear from you. How on earth did you find me?

I love your guts. Of course I'll let you know next time I'm going down there!