Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to Normal

After all the holiday adventure we finally returned home to our house right before the New Year. We brought the New Year in with some friends from the ward and we had an awesome time! Grandma Marian came to stay with us on New Year's day and was here with us for a little over 2 weeks. We had a nice visit and the boys absolutely loved having her here. I bet once she got back to Arizona she took a long nap-playing with Dallin can be exhausting and she plays with him non-stop when she is here. Thanks Grandma Marian for entertaining Dallin for 2 weeks! On New Year's day we had black eyed peas and cornbread-it's tradition right!? New Year's eve I found myself in the store and found one coveted can of black eyed peas-it was mishelfed, so that is how it was still in the store. I tried to give the can away to another person who was also looking for peas-but she refused. So to make my mother proud I took them home and cooked them. So we should have good luck this whole year!

So here are some pictures of life after the holidays-prepare for picture overload:
Evan wearing my "synchronized swimming hat"

Dallin's turn with the swim cap

Grandma Marian and Evan

Grandma Marian at Balboa Park

Grandma Marian and Dallin at the Model Train Museum-Lego exhibit

See the monkey on the horse? Lego exhibit

Daddy and Evan at the fountain at Balboa Park

Boat Races at Balboa Park

Power Ranger Dallin!Thanks cousin Ethan for the costume!

Dallin and Evan both had their first visits to the dentist. I took them to the Super Dentist. The office is so cute, with a Dragon and Superhero theme, they even give the kids points that they can then use to "buy" toys-my boys loved it! Unfortunately I didn't even think about bringing the camara for Dallin's visit, but I did bring it for Evan's adventure. On a sidenote-Dallin loves the dentist, in fact the other day he told me his tooth was hurting and that we needed to go to the Super Dentist. It was so cute! Hey, I love that he has a no fear of the dentist-that is great!

Evan the big boy in the Dentist chair!

View from our room!

Here is a video of Evan running around with my swim cap on. I thought it was so cute so I decided to post it! Enjoy!


Perry Bunch said...

Balboa Park looks like so much fun. Dallin you looks awesome in the Power Ranger. I think it funny he is wearing it in public.LOL!! I just found the mask that goes with it I will make sure you get it. Miss you guys. Love the video

The Anglesey Family said...

He looked so cute in our swim cap!!!!

Mom/Grandma Perry said...

Too cute. Evan is a hoot in that swim cap. Now you just need to get the video on that cap goes to. That was something to see.

I had a great time this weekend. Love you all. Hugs and kisses until I see you again.

Great-Grandma said...

thanks for sharing such fun times. I miss you all so much and looking forward to coming down when ever Susan can make up her mind about it. Keep up the good work, it is good for the soul. Love you.