Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back to Normal

After all the holiday adventure we finally returned home to our house right before the New Year. We brought the New Year in with some friends from the ward and we had an awesome time! Grandma Marian came to stay with us on New Year's day and was here with us for a little over 2 weeks. We had a nice visit and the boys absolutely loved having her here. I bet once she got back to Arizona she took a long nap-playing with Dallin can be exhausting and she plays with him non-stop when she is here. Thanks Grandma Marian for entertaining Dallin for 2 weeks! On New Year's day we had black eyed peas and cornbread-it's tradition right!? New Year's eve I found myself in the store and found one coveted can of black eyed peas-it was mishelfed, so that is how it was still in the store. I tried to give the can away to another person who was also looking for peas-but she refused. So to make my mother proud I took them home and cooked them. So we should have good luck this whole year!

So here are some pictures of life after the holidays-prepare for picture overload:
Evan wearing my "synchronized swimming hat"

Dallin's turn with the swim cap

Grandma Marian and Evan

Grandma Marian at Balboa Park

Grandma Marian and Dallin at the Model Train Museum-Lego exhibit

See the monkey on the horse? Lego exhibit

Daddy and Evan at the fountain at Balboa Park

Boat Races at Balboa Park

Power Ranger Dallin!Thanks cousin Ethan for the costume!

Dallin and Evan both had their first visits to the dentist. I took them to the Super Dentist. The office is so cute, with a Dragon and Superhero theme, they even give the kids points that they can then use to "buy" toys-my boys loved it! Unfortunately I didn't even think about bringing the camara for Dallin's visit, but I did bring it for Evan's adventure. On a sidenote-Dallin loves the dentist, in fact the other day he told me his tooth was hurting and that we needed to go to the Super Dentist. It was so cute! Hey, I love that he has a no fear of the dentist-that is great!

Evan the big boy in the Dentist chair!

View from our room!

Here is a video of Evan running around with my swim cap on. I thought it was so cute so I decided to post it! Enjoy!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Post Christmas Activities-San Diego style!

After Christmas and celebrating Ethan's 9th birthday at McDonald's we all headed to San Diego (all except Deonna who headed back to her betrothed and Grandma who had to take Grandpa to the hospital to have him admitted for some injuries). The Pratt family also came down and stayed at the "hotel samson" for a couple of days, so needless to say we had a blast!

Day 1: We went to my dad's house on the way down to San Diego and had yummy carnitas!

Day 2: Everyone in the fam had Sea World tickets that were about to expire, so we headed to Sea World!! We had a blast! (Although Evan stopped walking-which was a bit of a scare for us, so we spent part of our time at urgent care...just some viral infection-of course. Fortunately he did get better after a couple of days...although many others in our party suffered ill stomachs on and off during this vacation)

Day 3: We all headed to Balboa Park. First we went to the Natural History museum where we learned about mammals and dinosaurs from Ms Fizzle. Ethan actually was a large dinosaur who didn't get enough food to eat...poor guy. We then went several different directions, some went to the Aerospace museum, some went to international village, while some went back to the hotel to rescue Tera and Katie (whose turn it was for the stomach bug). We all met back in Old Town for some yummy Mexican food (the Old Mexican cafe).

Day 4: Back to Sea World and that evening down to Seaport village. Everyone (except me) rode the wooden carousel at Seaport village.

Day 5: Heading home!
It really was a wonderful trip aside from hospital visits, a bit of cold weather (I know, "southern California cold", not the rest of the country's cold), and the cursed viral infections.
I love that we had such a extended time to spend with family!!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Continued

So I know my last post had nothing to do with Christmas, but since it was something I should have done 6 years ago I decided to post it right away!

Okay, so now on with our Christmas vacation. After spending 4 lovely days with the Pratt family we headed up to Vegas. We actually needed to be in Vegas on December 23rd by 3pm because we were meeting Deonna at my mom's house so that we could deliver some gifts our family had donated for a Veteran. It was really neat to sponsor a veteran, someone who has done so much for our country and our freedom. It was a good reminder of "giving" during the Christmas season. The 23rd also happened to be Deonna's birthday, so that evening the whole tribe-something like 22 of us met at Bucca di Beppos for some yummy food. As always with my family we ordered way too much food, but hey I love left overs so no worries! Since Ethan's birthday is the 26th of December and my mom's is the 17th, we celebrated their birthdays too!

Ethan and Deonna behind the birthday candles!

Wyatt, Tera and mom in the background!

The other side of the table-Deonna, Ethan, Katie with Jeromy and Grandma in the background.

Christmas Eve we spent making GingerBread houses (thanks mom for getting those) and watching the Polar Express (our tradition-I just love the idea of "believing" in Christmas and in Santa...I still hear the bell!). The poor litle guys (Wyatt and Evan) couldn't really help with the gingerbread houses...too many small hard candies. Of course they didn't understand that, they wanted to be right in the action!

Building Gingerbread houses! Look at Wyatt eating a cookie-one of the distractions used to keep him from Gingerbread houses!

Great Grandma and Wyatt!

Scott, Dallin and Ellie building one house!

Michael and Ethan constructing the other house.

Evan just hanging out by the tree. Doesn't his face just tell you everything.."This stinks, I can't even touch all the goodies!"

Katie showing off her fine craftmanship. Notice the little head and hand reaching to eat the goodies off of her tree-EVAN!

Wyatt and Tera-the other little guy who couldn't touch anything!

Finished houses and happy kids! Look at Wyatt, he is totally eyeing the houses and candy! Haha!

After the movie, and the Ginger Bread houses, we read the "Christmas Story" and then the real Christmas story in Luke 2. It was nice to sit and listen to these stories and share these traditions with our kids. By this time it was getting pretty late and so we had the kids open up a gift-jammas! This is the first time we had done this, but I think that we will keep this tradition. Dallin loved his clone wars pj's although by this time we noticed he was burning up with a fever. Poor little guy. My kids tend to get sick when we travel. So, needless to say he was ready to go to bed. Evan was already down for the night by this time, so there is no picture that evening of his cool dark night batman pj's.

What can I say, Christmas was a wonderful day! We woke up early-not too early, fortunately our kids are still pretty little and wake up generally around the same time everyday, regardless of if it is Christmas or not. Although poor Ethan (who turned 9 the next day) had been up for hours I believe waiting for the time he was allowed to wake up his parents. The kids anxiously waited at the top of the stairs. Once they were allowed to come down, they looked like they were racing through the streets of spain being chased by bulls (does that paint the picture?!), they were so excited. Dallin and Evan loved what Santa brought them: a drive through window for McDonald's. Michael asked if Santa was pushing our kids towards jobs in the fast food industry...hey, that is where we both got our start-so don't knock it! After that, the present frenzy began. Dallin was so excited for everything and well Evan, he really had no idea what was going fact he spent most of his time playing with the McDonald toy. We too were spoiled as well. After the present madness we headed to the kitchen and had our traditional big Christmas breakfast-yummy! Later that day we headed to Aunt Sue's and Uncle Jim's house for a wonderful Christmas dinner and then more presents. It was nice to be surrounded by family. Unfortunately, Grandpa had fallen the day before so he couldn't make it, and Cody (Deonna's fiance) had to work, so we were missing some of the family. We took some family pic's and some played games. Our boys still weren't feeling that great so we headed home bit earlier than the rest. It was a wonderful and exhausting day! I just love being with our family and enjoying the holidays!

I will post our "post-Christmas" activities soon! Posting about Christmas makes me sad, knowing that is over...oh, well something to look forward to later this year. I sure it will be here again in no time!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

It is official!

After being married these 6 years, today January 8, 2009 I officially changed my last name to Samson. For most of you this comes as no surprise, I seriously procrastinate everything...haha. But man, the wait to change my name was horrendous-2 was just as bad a going to the DMV in Las Vegas (for those of you who have had that lovely experience you know exactly what a pain it was today). I first had to wait outside the Social Security Office to get a number and then wait inside until my number was called. Of course my "group" of numbers wasn't called for 40 minutes (gotta love lunch breaks)-yeah, not one number, but finally my turn came and viola, it is official. Now I just have to get my Driver's License here in California. Anyway just thought I would let you know -April Marie Samson! Mom and grandma thought you should know for tax reasons...haha!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year, Merry Christmas and Happy Anniversary!

So, I wouldn't be starting the New Year right if I didn't is what I do best. But, one thing I have not procrastinated is our Anniversary!! Today Scott and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. Marian (Scott's mom) is here in town, and she was nice enough to stay with the boys last night so that we could go out to eat. It was really fun. We went to Bento and Noodles and sat at the Sushi was a bit awkward to sit there since we haven't ever done that before, but needless to say we tried some new rolls (with raw Salmon) and really enjoyed ourselves. After that we headed off for dessert and ended up at Macaroni Grill-yummy!! It was a really nice relaxing evening. Both the restaurants were nearly empty because everyone else was at home watching the Chargers game. It was a wonderful evening! I am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband!! We were reminiscing of days gone by...of our wedding day, our apartments, our first town home, school, jobs, our kids...the last 6 years have been a wonderful adventure and I am so grateful for the wonderful companion that I have!! I love you Scott!! Happy Anniversary!! So, now I will start to catch up...before we left for our Christmas break we first went to our ward Christmas Party and Talent show. I participated in a "synchronized swimming" act with some of the awesome sisters from my ward. We were called "mom-N-Sync"... I will try to get the video on here sometime, but here are some of the poses after our performance. If you can't tell I am the one in the middle wearing the red board shorts! Santa also showed up at the Ward Christmas party, which was a good thing, because this is the only Santa Dallin and Evan talked to this year. Actually when asked what Dallin wanted for Christmas he said as serious as those of you know him to be, very matter of factly: " A unicycle and a skateboard", I started to laugh...Scott!!! What 3 year old even knows what a unicycle is...mine does! Evan didn't really want anything to do with Santa, he stayed with me. Right after the ward party we headed up to Wrightwood to hang out with the Pratt's (Scott, Niki, Ellie and Autumn). Dallin just loves playing with Ellie Rose. He was even more excited, because when he woke up in Wrightwood, there was snow everywhere! My Scott was also very pleased because this meant a trip to the ski hill...just what the doctor ordered! We spent our first day playing in the snow. Dallin is fairly well equipped for the snow having been in Utah the last couple of winters (minus the snow boots and mittens-hence the pinks ones he is wearing in the photos...what can you do when your best friend has little girls...he didn't mind though, he just loved the snow). Evan on the other hand had he is wearing an over sized bib, which worked perfectly and Autumn's black and pink outlined jacket and "metallic purple" boots. Again, he didn't even notice, he just wanted to be out with the boys. Dallin ran all over in the snow (once dad made some "walkway/tunnels" for him), Evan would get stuck and then not move. He kind of looked like the little brother on "A Christmas Story" was so cute! It was a perfect day and the Pratts are always so wonderful to us, we just love them!

The next day was Sunday so we went to Church and then afterwards the girls had a "wrapping" party-that was awesome! On Monday Scott took me up the mountain to ski. It was super cold and there were about a billion people (mostly snow boarders...and don't get me wrong Scott typically snowboards, but he felt that I would probably do better on skiis, which I did, but there were "learning snowboarders" everywhere on the about scary). We had a lot of fun. Later that day Scott and Dallin built a snowman and then Scott taught Dallin how to ski. It was awesome. In fact, when I came out to the garage, Dallin had his boots on and he was so excited, as you can see in the video. We loaded everyone up in the cars and headed up the mountain and Scott and Niki helped Ellie and Dallin ski. They both did such a great job. I am excited to go again! Unfortunately I don't have many pic's or video from Dallin time.

I tried to post a video of Dallin skiing down the road-haha, but it didn't work. He really did awesome on the bunnyhill! He definitely get it from his dad, because I look like Peter Pan or Superman with my hands on my hips plowing down the mountain! I will post more of our vacation soon!