Monday, December 8, 2008

Better late than never-right???

So, I am really not the best blogger...I take lots of pictures, really I take my camera with me nearly every where I go...however, I never upload the pic's to my computer so I never blog. There you have it, that is my vicious cycle.
NOTE: I started this post Sunday night, and then didn't finish everthing until early Monday morning, so check both dates out for the newest updates!!!

So this will be the update blog. We had a great Thanksgiving with the fam-Janice and Dave were awesome and rented two Bouncy houses that were set up in the backyard, is there any question where Dallin was? Seriously, he would wake up, eat breakfast and then head out for the day. Thanksgiving was wonderful, I think there were about 42 people there-thanks Janice and Dave for hosting such a wonderful event! We also got to hang out with Grandma Marian, Uncle Jim and Aunt Michelle and their kids (JC, Nic and Ashlee), Aunt Debbie and bunches of her kids and grandkids. It really was such a beautiful day-in fact it rained that morning (apparently it rains on Thanksgiving every 12 years), so Janice was a bit nervous to say the least since 42 people would be quite a big group for an indoor event, not to mention that half that number where kids...fortunately the sun came out and we had a beautiful day! What a wonderful weather to be thankful for! Oh, and the food-yummy! Everyone did such a great job making the food...loved it! The next morning, Janice, Michelle and I hit the stores (Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Target) relatively early arriving at 6am. It was fun to shop and talk together that morning. When we got back the guys and Janice went golfing-which Scott loved! During this trip we were very lucky to meet up with some of our good friends-Cindy "Woodruff" who is a high school friend of mine, and Rusty and Sally friends from high school for Scott! What a wonderful week, we really had a great time!


Mila Wijaya said...

April,I found your blog on Tera's page. I took a peek of your pics. I gotta say You have a beautiful family. Your boys are the silly pics.too cute.

Mom/Grandma Perry said...

See all it took was a "gentle" nudge and look what you got done! lol The pictures are great. Thanks for posting them, sorry you were up so late. Cindy looks just the same. Looks like fun was had by all at Thanksgiving. I love the video of Evan coming down the sand dune, his giggle is so fun. Lots of nice "cheese pictures" Can't wait to see them in person. Love you and see you soon. Yippee!!

Melissa said...

Wow that is a lot of people. I'd be having a panic attack hosting such. Glad the weather was kind. When should go to the lights at the Wild Animal Park? Is that what we were going to do? Now I can't remember. Hope your kids are feeling better.