Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beach Days in November

Okay, so please don't hate me, but seriously the weather is so nice here that we have had beach days, and I mean goregeous, still get in the water beach days-in November!!! We had two beach days-one with some of the ladies of the ward and their little ones and then one with a couple of friends and their families! It was so nice...inviting anyone??? Come on down!

This is from our trip with the ladies! It was a bizarre thing-the sun, planet earth and the moon where all lined up so it greated huge high when we first got to the water, the tide was still very high and I was a bit nervous, especially since Evan wanted to run towards the water (no fear), but the longer we were there the tide went down and it ended up being so low, that the kids could run on the beach forever without having to really worry too much about the waves!

This is a video of the boys playing on the sand dune at Del Mar Beach!


Anonymous said...

Evan's giggle is so great. Dallin is such a dare devil - rolling down that great big sand dune!! I hope the weather is somewhat nice when we are all down in December so we can go to the beach too. Looks like such fun.

Great-Grandma said...

What a bunch of dare devils - all three are having such fun and bonding time for all. I check the weather in San Diego quite often and looks like you always have great days for adventure. Keep up the good work in recording this special times.