Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I thought that I would quickly post a note while Evan is sleeping (now of course he is waking up) and Dallin is watching TV. I am so grateful for this time of year. I love the sounds, the lights, the smells, the craziness etc. of this time of year. I too often forget the real reason for the celebration, so let me briefly express my gratitude for the things I have in my life. I am so grateful for a wonderful husband, who gets up way to early to go to work and then comes home and jumps right into being the best dad in the world. He is so good to me, I love him a ton. I am also so grateful for "date night". Since we moved here, we have been able to go on dates-which has done wonders for us. I am grateful for the friends that we have that rotate babysitting for us so that we can have 2 weekends of him and I. We have been able to go the temple twice in the last 3 months-what a blessing. I am also so grateful for my little monkeys-they really are so wonderful! Dallin cracks me up with his faces and his crazy ideas. He is constantly saying funny stuff. I am grateful for his spunk and his stubbornness, I a sure in the future that confidence will come in handy. I am grateful for my little Evan whose dimples melt me. His squishy cheeks make me so happy. I love when I get him in the morning and he squeezes me close and plays with my hair, it makes being woken up way earlier than I would like worth it! He too is so funny and learning new things daily. I am thankful for a wonderful mom who sacrificed so much when I was growing up and who still sacrifices for our family. It means the world to me that she loves our little family so much and that she visits so often. I am grateful for my "older" brother who still likes to give me a hard time, but who always knows during my times of need to call me and ask me how I am. I am grateful for his beautiful wife who is such a wonderful example to me of generosity and kindness. I love their "little people" who brighten up my day when they call me TT. I am also very grateful for my grandma who is so sweet and kind to me. I am grateful for my grandpa who was their for Michael and I after school-who could forget the treats at the feed store. I am grateful for Sue and Jim and Deonna and Jeromy, who make the Perry Family complete. It is always so fun getting together for holidays, vacations, birthdays etc. It makes my year. And then on Scott's side, I have yet again been blessed by wonderful family. I am grateful for Scott's mom and her constant caring of our family. I am grateful that she too comes and visits and plays with Dallin the whole time! I am grateful for Scott's siblings and for the wonderful families they each have. They each enrich our lives and make us better people! I am grateful for the gospel and the plan of happiness that tells me that the relationships we have here will continue past the grave, what a blessing of comfort this brings! I am grateful for our home, the food on our table, the cars that we have and all the temporal things we have. I am grateful for our country and the freedom of speech and religion! I too am grateful for the wonderful friends we have from all the different periods of our life! Thanks to all! This is a wonderful time of year and I just wanted wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and share with you briefly the things I am grateful for! May you eat lots of turkey and sleep well tomorrow! Happy Turkey day! (I included are some pic's of my blessings!)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing catch up!

It seems like am always playing catch up with updating my blog. I know, I should probably post more often, then I wouldn't be so behind...yeah, well, if you don't know yet I am a huge procrastinator so it just takes me a while to get to things!!! I posted some pic's of our recent normal day at the park. Things are so different now that Evan is able to walk everywhere and get into everything. He just gets this big grin on his face when he gets up the "toys" at the park, or if he dares to slide down the slide. It is super cute!!! He is at that stage now where he wants to always go the opposite direction that I want him to go-you should see us at church!! That time in a parents life when the wonder why they still attend church since they can't really fully participate in any of the know what I am talking about. But it is such a fun age. He loves to just walk/run everywhere!!! I am happy to report that Evan says his first real word...are you ready for it....COOKIE! Seriously that is his favorite word right now and any time he is in the kitchen he says it over and over again, it is so funny. He also loves to stand on his head, kind of like a "downward facing dog" yoga pose or the beginnings of a summersault. It is so funny, I will have to find a picture and post it soon. Dallin on the other hand is so excited about Christmas. He loved Halloween and asks me nearly everyday if Halloween will come again and then when I explain to him that next year it will be halloween again he says "when I get bigger, it will be halloween". But Christmas is the newest fascination especially since he (we) got the Walmart toy catalog the other day in the mail, oh how he loves it!! This Christmas will be super fun. He also is starting to make up funny little stories-he likes to tell stories. About a month ago he would ask us constantly to tell him a story, well now he is starting to tell his own stories, which is super cute. He is still a handful some of the time, but I think it is getting better (or at least I hope it is). He gets stickers for being nice and after 10 stickers he gets a dollar to spend on anything he wants, so that has been helping a lot. I think he just needs a lot of attention and honestly I'm not always the best at giving it to him. But I am trying!!! Life is good and the boys are happy, so that helps!!!

This is a slide show from our visit from the Willman family (Scott's sister Janice's family). We had a lot of fun going to Sea World and having breakfast with Shamu and going to the zoo. Unfortunately Scott had to work quite a bit during their visit, but we still had a good time. We will see them in a couple of weeks for Thanksgiving! Yippee! Well, enjoy! I will post some other older things later and more recent events soon!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cursed daylight savings!!!!

I know I know, we fell back so we get to sleep an extra hour yadayadayada...tell that to a 13 month old who woke up at 5:45am this morning (I didn't go in his room until about 6am and after he ate he went back to sleep at 6:30am) and a 3 year who woke up crying at 6:35am and crawled into bed with me and did not go back to sleep, although he did lay there nice until 7:30am. So now we are all up again...I put them to sleep at their normal (the new time) time, but they still are getting up early!!! Anyway, I know, I know, poor me at least they sleep through the night, but I like my sleep!!!! Have a great day!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Chocolate, Smarties and lollipops-oh my!

*Note: The pictures above are from the pre-halloween festivities-we went to a "pumpkin patch" (I use the term very loosely), and we decorated a pumpkin about 2 and half weeks before Halloween. Sadly the pumpkin did not make it to Halloween-it was a moldy and slumped over. Oh well, we will know better next time!

So happy late Halloween! I love Halloween- I love seeing kids in their costumes, I love dressing up, I love candy, I love seeing how happy the kids get when they get candy, I love all the decorations, I love pumpkins and pumpkins seeds, I love fall...I love Halloween! We had a wonderful Halloween week-yes that is right, Halloween week. The saturday before Halloween we went with Grandma Perry to trick or treat at Sea World. That was the first time that Dallin sported his Darth Maul costume and Evan his yoda costume. It was such a warm day, our boys were melting, but it was lots of fun. We trick or treated, then decorated halloween cookies (you will notice in the slide show that Evan and Daddy decorated one cookie while Dallin and Grandma Perry decorated the other. Dad is very "frugal" when it comes to putting on the frosting, so his left overs ended up on Dallin's already saturated cookie) and caught the Sea Lion Halloween show.

Then on the Tuesday before Halloween we met up with our good friends the Pratts and with one of my friends from college Kjersti at the Disneyland California Park for trick or treating in the park. Basically they close down the California Park at 5pm and then reopen the park for trick or treating from 6:30pm-10:30pm. It was a ton of fun, except that there just wasn't enough time to see everything! They were handing out handfulls of candy at each station-and everyone who comes gets a bag for trick or treating-even the adults, and it was yummy candy (i.e. chocolate). It was a ton of fun-we rode a couple of rides, saw some Disney characters and just absorbed the wonderful disney decorations! It was a ton of fun, but made for a very late night/early morning-1:30am.

And finally Halloween day. We met with some friends from the ward and did some early trick or treating at one of the local strip malls-talk about craziness! There were so many people, but again it was so fun! I just love looking at all of the costumes. Later that evening we met with two couples from our ward, ate pizza and then hit the streets! Dallin was such a pro this year, he loved it and totally knew what to do! Evan just was around for the ride, but I think he enjoyed himself. I was a little sad because I hadn't dressed up for any of the other events-and I love dressing up, so I threw a costume together for Halloween night. I went as Princess Lea since the boys were doing the Star Wars theme! We had a lot of fun! I hope that everyone had a happy and safe halloween!