Sunday, October 26, 2008

Grandma Marian's Visit in September

I thought that I should put up a slideshow of our visit with Grandma Marian in September. Grandma Marian came to visit us for Evan's 1st birthday and for her 75th birthday. She was here for 2 weeks and man did we keep her busy. We went to Sea World, Imperial Beach, the San Diego Zoo and the Wild Animal Park. It was a fun couple of weeks. The boys just love having grandma around!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cheesy face, Walking Time and Stripey Socks...

...these are what normal life looks like here in the Samson house. Actually this week was the week of sickness for the boys (high fevers, rash and lots of dirty diapers) and a bit for us (rash and acheyness). So as I told the missionaries who unexpectedly stopped by this afternoon-pardon our looks like a tornado set down in here. We didn't do much and you can tell. But I thought I would post a couple of funny things from this week:

1. Evan walks. Yes, it is official, the boy "walks". It is at that cute awkward stage where they look like they could lose their balance at anytime. So I decided I better document it. As you may recall from an earlier post Scott and I placed bets as to when he would start walking, Scott thought right around his 1st birthday (now a month ago) and I figured it would be about 2 weeks later. Well, he proved us both wrong and has really picked up "walking" (again I use the term loosely) this week at age 13 months. Check out the video, so cute.

(Did you see his big smile at the end of the video? he his so happy to be walking)

2. Dress up time here at the Samson house. Dallin loves to dress up, it cracks me up. We recently found his vampire costume from 2 years ago and he wore that a couple days this week-unfortunately I failed to get a picture...I will try this week. The costume actually fits, except it is a bit short for him, so he picks at his bottom a little more than normal...but (no pun intended) he looks adorable in it. We even went to get the mail last week wearing the vampire outfit-so scary. Now what I do have a picture of is Dallin wearing crazy socks. Earlier this week, when I was kind of sick I had been wearing those super soft socks that you could just melt you know which ones I am talking about? Well, Dallin saw them and stole them from me. So I found these fun toe socks in my drawer and showed them to him and he just loved them. At first he started to put them on his hands thinking they were gloves, but when I told him they were socks with "toe holes" man was he excited. He put them on (which look like stockings on him) and wanted to wear them with his sandals to the park. So I snapped some pic's because it was so cute. Notice our nifty halloween decorations on the door and the carved pumpkin (correction: Jack O Latern-as Dallin would tell you...where did I get this kid?). Enjoy:

(Yes, I did let him go to the park dressed like that-I thought it was too funny)

3. Cheesy face: When Scott's sister Janice and her family were here a couple of weeks ago her kids taught Evan how to do what I want to call "cheeeeeessse" face. For a while (mostly last week) anytime you would say "cheeeeeesse" he would repeat the sound of that word and give you a cheese is so funny. I think though that Scott and I may have used up all of the "uses" to this trick, because lately he hasn't done it. Maybe we will lie low for a bit and then spring it on him in a couple of days. Anyway, here are some pics: (Dallin even jumped in on the fun)

(The blurry pic-second to last, really gives you the cheesy pic, doesn't it make you smile?)

4. Okay so I will post these here as they seem appropriate since Halloween is coming and we have talked about dressing up. While Janice and Dave and the kids were here we went down to old town. Well, some of the boys (Kyle-who did buy the "supermoscas...translation superflys" mask-can't wait to see the full halloween outfit with tights and all, Scott, Dallin and Evan) and Jana and Nora tried on what we called the Nacho libre mask, or "luchadero masks" from Mexican wrestling. I was laughing so hard. So if the beach or the attractions don't draw you to San Diego maybe these beauties will!

(Look closely at the first pic of Scott-picture number 1, it says the mathematic, and if you look closely you can see numbers all over the mask. It was so funny and yet so appropriate for work as an engineer-don't you think?)

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Back to normal...

although I don't exactly know what that means...haha! The last 3 weeks have been very busy with family visits and a quick trip to Utah. I was very blessed to be able to attend Roger's funeral-it was a beautiful ceremony and it was so great to be there with his family and our friends. It was a sad occasion but very comforting. It was fun to sit and hear and talk about stories of Roger. I love the gospel, it just makes things make sense and it gives me great comfort in such a time of grief.

The last three weeks have been a lot of fun. Scott's mom was here for 2 weeks in which we went to the beach, went to Sea World, went to the zoo and the Wild Animal Park. (I will post pics later). Then 3 days after she left Janice (Scott's sister) and her family came to stay for a week-and we too went to the zoo, Sea World, Old Town, the outlet mall at the international border and even had breakfast with "Shamu" (thanks again Dave). The day after they left our good friend Gina came down for her birthday in the which we went up to the temple,at at In-N-Out burger,went to the beach (Coronado)and hit the zoo. So as you can imagine it has been an exhausting (physically and emotionally) but fun few weeks. It is interesting the change in weather over the last few weeks-it was scorching hot when Scott's mom and then sister were here, but this weekend was super chilly for Gina's visit. I just can't believe that it is already the middle of October, where has the year gone!

On another note, I got Dallin's Halloween costume-a Darth Maul costume. I won it on first bid experience and my first victory. Have you seen the ebay commercials with the people winning their prizes? That is totally how I felt! Wahoo! It was awesome. I got the costume for 3.99 (brand new-never been worn, however the mask was damaged...which is fine because we plan on just painting his face) with shipping around 4 the grand total was like 8.20! That is awesome considering how expense retail stores on line were selling them for (26.00 plus shipping). So now we just have to figure out the two sided light saber...they are pretty pricey so Scott may make one out of PVC pipe....we'll see.

So our house is very quite right now, it is kind of weird not to have any house guests...but I am sure there is a lot for me to do! I decided that I should post some pic's from the end of the summer. The first four pictures are from the mall by our house that has this awesome water area that the kids just love, actually this was the first time that I let Evan get down and get wet...such a drag to be the "baby". He had a blast! One of the pic's kind of looks like Dallin is setting up to go to the bathroom but rest assured, he was just covering the sprinklers with his feet! We will see if there are any other hot days for this activity! The other pictures are from our play group tour of the firestation. The kids just loved it and the firefighters were awesome! The last picture is a picture of the itsy bitsy spider...well just a sample of the garden spiders that are all around this area. They make huge webs and are super interesting...outside of the house. Actually we haven't had one in our house...well I take that back, Scott caught one in a jar the back yard and then brought it in the house. Dallin asked if he could keep it. I told him no, but that he could let it go in front of our now Dallin always checks on his "spiders". Grandma Perry just loves these guys (wink wink). I just thought it was a cool picture!