Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Evan!

Today is Evan's first birthday-can you believe it??? There are so many things going through my mind right now as I look at pictures of him as a newborn and think back to the "birth" day. Evan is our miracle baby. He decided that he wanted to enter this world feet first...which was a bit scary, but fortunately we had wonderful doctors, nurses and a respiratory team to welcome him here. Evan was born at 3:26am,less than an hour after we reached the hospital. The week before his birth, we found out that he was breach and that I would most likely have a c-section. Well, he was so eager to get to our family that he came about a week early. Now looking back it all seems like such a blurr, a whirlwind of events filled with emotions of every kind. He gave a us quite a scare at first, but thanks to the power of the priesthood, he was given a blessing by his dad and Uncle Jim which the pediatrician claimed was a miracle. He was 9lbs 1 oz and about 21 inches long. I didn't realize how big he was until people where commenting on his size from the pictures I had sent. And those dimples, need I say more. He is an amazing little boy whom we love with all of our hearts. He is such a happy baby-so good natured. Don't get me wrong he is starting to show signs of a temper, but he is such a happy boy. He is now crawling and standing in one place, we imagine he will be running in no time at all (we have a bet, Scott says a week from today, I say two weeks from today-I will keep you posted). I can't imagine what walking will bring-he is already everywhere and into everything-we call him troublemaker!

I feel so blessed to have this little boy here in our home. When I think back to his birth or watch the videos I realize how truly lucky we were to have a great doctor and to have a great pediatrician. It was a scary time, but through it all Scott was my rock-he was so calm and sure, which helped me out tremendously. I remember that when Evan was born I didn't hear anything-no crys, no noises etc. and I knew that something was wrong. I remember clearly Scott telling me that everything was going to be okay, and then he began to pray-and as soon as he began his prayer the baby starting breathing. I am so grateful for a faithful strong husband.

Looking a the videos it is so cute to see Dallin-I wonder what it must have been like for him to come to the hospital and see this new baby. He has been a great big brother-he is always kind to Evan and makes sure that I never leave him or leave him out (i.e. Mommy: Dallin are you going to the movies with daddy? Dallin: Yes, but I want mommy and evan to come too!). He is the best big brother who makes Evan laugh like no one else can. What a blessing to have such a wonderful family!!! Happy Birthday Evan!! We love you more than words can describe! We plan on celebrating Evan's b-day on Saturday. Grandma Marian flew in today and Grandma Perry and Great-Grandma Perry are coming Friday, so we will have presents and cake then!!! What wonderful support of our little one-even the cousins called today, how cute is that!! What a blessing!!

Happy birthday my sweet boy, mommy loves you so much. Thank you for bringing such joy to our life!!!


Perry Bunch said...

Happy Birthday Evan!! Sorry can't make it to your birthday. Enjoy your cake I hope it goes every where!! We will wait and see the pictures. April you are such a sweet mom. I love reading your blogs.

Mom/Grandma Perry said...

How well I remember that day too. I remember all the comments of how he was a "miracle baby". The power of the priesthood was truely shown that day. I am so blessed to have all these beautiful grandchildren, Evan being the latest. Happy Birthday Baby Boy and I'll see you tomorrow.

tjfoit said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Thank heaven for the priesthood and good doctors! We are so glad that your little miracle baby is celebrating his first birthday. What a blessing to have two handsome and healthy boys. Have fun with all of your family. It is so neat that all of the grandmas get to come help you celebrate.

Great-Grandma said...

Happy Birthday Evan!! Talk about being blessed! I can hardly believe that I've been able to have so many angels in my life, Evan being the youngest. I am looking forward to being there tomorrow and seeing how much he has grown. I love your blog April and check it every day, as I do Teras also. Modern day communication is great. Keep it up. Love you all!!!!

AJsGirls said...

Happy Birthday Evan! Hopefully we get to meet soon. Your birth story freaks me out, April. What an amazing testimony of faith and the preisthood.