Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer time activities!

I felt that with the start of school and the start of the "end" of summer, (even though neither really affect us seeing as my boys are too little to go to school and we live in an area where the seasons don't change) I would put up some pic's of some of the events that we did this summer.


Daddy and the boys in the water!

Samson Family at the beach!

I buried Dallin in the sand. He loved being buried, but wasn't so happy about having to get in the cold water to rinse off!


Scott and I have been on a kick of eating sushi, so Dallin wanted to try the chopsticks. He didn't do too bad-much better than mommy!


We placed Dallin into a fingerpainting class that met once a week for 8 weeks. He really enjoyed making "works of art" every week. Who knows, one of these masterpieces may be coming to your house soon!

After the fingerpainting class we would play in the playground out back for a little while. Evan loved being on the "toys".

Here again I was trying to capture Evan's new teeth. This is pretty good picture when the two top teeth presented themselves. Now the teeth on each side of the top teeth are coming down so I guess I will have to try to get a new picture soon!


Mom/Grandma Perry said...

You and the boys have sure had a fun summer. It seems that moving to San Diego was a good idea. I hope I get one of those "works of art" by Dallin. I would proudly hang it on my frige. As I've said before, this bloging thing is great. I love being able to share in your days this way. Thanks you.

Melissa said...

Looks like you did a lot of fun stuff. Evan looks so old with his teeth. Dallin's works of art are awesome.

tjfoit said...

How fun! The beach looks like a lot of fun. I want to go.

ckkg said...

ok, thoroughly jealous of the beach pics! what a fun summer you guys have had! and seriously, how is it possible that your boys have grown up THAT much? they are so cute!!

Perry Bunch said...
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Perry Bunch said...

I love Evan smile. Soon to turn one! Dallin you had a busy summer you did a lot of fun stuff. I wish we had the beach close.

Kelly said...

If we lived closer we could all hang out at the beach and eat sushi together. Steve and I both love sushi. Makenna has tried some too and says, "I love sushi, mommy." The beach looks so fun!!!

Great-Grandma said...

Last to look, but not last to enjoy. It has really be great for you to be so near things that you all can do as a family and healthy too. What memories you have created for the whole family! Thanks for sharing and keep it up.
Looking forward to our trip where we can share in person. Love you all.

Carson and Kandi Lee said...

I love your blog and your boys! You guys are a great family and I am so fortunate to call you friends. The beach was so much fun. Let's get together this weekend again! Dallin's art work is definitely priceless! What a fun mom you are! We love you guys!