Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Evan is everywhere!

I tell you, Evan is a climbing monkey!!!! He loves to climb up, over or onto anything in his path! Usually it is places where he shouldn't be that interest him so much. I think I get a work out everyday just picking him up or scooting him out of those particularly interesting places. I don't remember Dallin being such a climber; man does he keep me on my toes! So here are the top 5 places he likes to climb:

5. IN the dishwasher- he used to climb up and then just sit there, but now the newest trick is to stand up

4. IN the fridge/freezer- it is like he has a sixth sense for knowing when one of those doors magically opens.

3. The bathroom-the sixth sense also picks up when the door is open. He of course loves the toliet. His newest trick in the bathroom is to pull himself up the stool and stand at the sink.

2. The stairs- he thinks it is a game, he will climb the first two steps to that landing, then wait until one of us sees him and then he takes off up the stairs. Today he tried to climb up and over the gate at the bottom of the steps and got stuck.

1. On top of mom or dad-whoever is on the floor. He loves to climb up us-it is really adorable.


Anonymous said...

Jungle Mom/Dad has always been a cool game for kids, glad to know Evan has mastered it. At least he waits for you to chase him up the stairs instead of climbing to the top and bouncing down on his head; although I'm sure that will come. Sorry, but its true. Having such an active little boy/boys must be such fun and very tiring. Good thing you're young.

Great-Grandma said...

Great exercise! I can see his little dimples when you come to get him and he smiles from ear to ear. What a joy to have such normal healthy boys. Love you keeping us up to date so we don't miss out on all these cool things.