Monday, August 18, 2008

Dallinism's and Evans Newest Tricks

I noticed in a lot of other peoples blogs they try to document cute things their kids say or do and I think that is a great idea. Kids really do say the darndest things and time passes too quickly to remember all of them. A while ago Dallin said something that was so funny that I told Scott to send me an email to remind me of what he said...Dallin has always been quite the talker, so it shouldn't surprise me how much he picks up. Here are some fun Dallin quotes:

"Mom, I ate too much, so my feelings are hurt"

"I have a headache in my elbow"

"I've got growing pains"

"Mom, I am busy"- he uses busy to subsitute for words like lazy or not interested...for example,this phrase it used a lot when I ask him to clean up, he tells me he can't because he is "busy"

"I want some hascream" (translation-ice cream)

"Oh,that is spicy" (this is what he says if he has a carbonated drink)

Evan on the other hand, is full of new tricks lately. He likes to clap, wave, shake is pointer finger back and forth...I wonder who he got this from. He is also showing his personality. He now is interested in trying to make us laugh. He will clear his throat to get our attention and make us laugh, or he will copy us if we are coughing or talking on the phone. Everything goes behind his head/ear like he is talking on the phone, it is so cute. As of about a month ago, he now has 4 teeth (the 2 bottom ones that surfaced first around 6 or 7 months) and 2 top teeth. Two more top teeth are breaking through right now. He is still a pretty happy little boy even during teething, although he is starting to get a temper when he doesn't get what he wants...boy are we in for it!

It is super fun to have these little ones in our house blessing our lives. Parenthood definitely isn't easy, there are many nights I cry before falling asleep, but I am grateful and honored to have this privilege, I wouldn't trade it for anything.


Great-Grandma said...

The blessing is ours - to have you as a grandchild, wonderful mother and wife. Heavenly Father picked special women to have children in these last days and you and Tera both fall in that catagory. We love you and keep up the good work little mother. Hope the tears don't fall too often.

Mom/Grandma Perry said...

I wonder where Evan got the finger wave from too, hum.... Thanks for the update on the boys. They grow so fast and do and learn so many things that its nice to have these updates from time to time. You're doing a wonderful job in raising them. Don't get too discouraged; THEY say it gets easier. But what do THEY know and who are THEY anyway? lol

Moore Family said...

I'm sure Evan loved you pulling his mouth open to get that picture! I liked the spicey comment. You're cannery pictures are awesome! Our ward is doing a husband/wife night next week, you inspired me to take my to soon follow!

Melissa said...

I love the phone phase. I laughed so hard when Nicky put a piece of cheese to her ear once and said, "ha ho" (hello). Dallin is quite the character. Nicky uses the "I'm busy" all the time now. Where do they learn this stuff so fast? I understand the tears too. These kids are hard work but so worth it.

Perry Bunch said...

April some days are so hard when you have a house of little people. When it gets hard I go to my room for a time out! You do an awesome job with the boys. They are blessed to call you mommy.