Thursday, August 14, 2008

Colorado Trip

Earlier this week we returned from a wonderful trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado. Although the drive was long (6 hours to Vegas and then another 12-15 hours to Pagosa Springs), the scenery and activities very amazing. We went to a small wild animal park, we hiked to a waterfall, went fishing, played miniature golf, went to a dinner and Melodrama play- where you hiss and boo the bad guy and oww and awe the poor damsel in distress, panned for gold,had pedicures and celebrated Sue's 50th b-day! It was a ton of fun and always an adventure. We love spending time with the family and look forward to another fun adventure at Christmas time! Thanks mom, Sue and Deonna for putting together such a great trip. And thanks to Jim for providing all of the fishing gear-it was a blast! We love you guys!

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Mom/Grandma Perry said...

Very nice slide show. Colorado was truely beautiful. I had such a good time with the family. Looking forward to doing it again. Thanks for the pictures, I love them. Maybe next time I'll remember my camera!... but then again, why when I have so many great picture takers in the family lol