Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer time activities!

I felt that with the start of school and the start of the "end" of summer, (even though neither really affect us seeing as my boys are too little to go to school and we live in an area where the seasons don't change) I would put up some pic's of some of the events that we did this summer.


Daddy and the boys in the water!

Samson Family at the beach!

I buried Dallin in the sand. He loved being buried, but wasn't so happy about having to get in the cold water to rinse off!


Scott and I have been on a kick of eating sushi, so Dallin wanted to try the chopsticks. He didn't do too bad-much better than mommy!


We placed Dallin into a fingerpainting class that met once a week for 8 weeks. He really enjoyed making "works of art" every week. Who knows, one of these masterpieces may be coming to your house soon!

After the fingerpainting class we would play in the playground out back for a little while. Evan loved being on the "toys".

Here again I was trying to capture Evan's new teeth. This is pretty good picture when the two top teeth presented themselves. Now the teeth on each side of the top teeth are coming down so I guess I will have to try to get a new picture soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jedi Dallin

Need I say more!

Evan is everywhere!

I tell you, Evan is a climbing monkey!!!! He loves to climb up, over or onto anything in his path! Usually it is places where he shouldn't be that interest him so much. I think I get a work out everyday just picking him up or scooting him out of those particularly interesting places. I don't remember Dallin being such a climber; man does he keep me on my toes! So here are the top 5 places he likes to climb:

5. IN the dishwasher- he used to climb up and then just sit there, but now the newest trick is to stand up

4. IN the fridge/freezer- it is like he has a sixth sense for knowing when one of those doors magically opens.

3. The bathroom-the sixth sense also picks up when the door is open. He of course loves the toliet. His newest trick in the bathroom is to pull himself up the stool and stand at the sink.

2. The stairs- he thinks it is a game, he will climb the first two steps to that landing, then wait until one of us sees him and then he takes off up the stairs. Today he tried to climb up and over the gate at the bottom of the steps and got stuck.

1. On top of mom or dad-whoever is on the floor. He loves to climb up us-it is really adorable.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dallinism's and Evans Newest Tricks

I noticed in a lot of other peoples blogs they try to document cute things their kids say or do and I think that is a great idea. Kids really do say the darndest things and time passes too quickly to remember all of them. A while ago Dallin said something that was so funny that I told Scott to send me an email to remind me of what he said...Dallin has always been quite the talker, so it shouldn't surprise me how much he picks up. Here are some fun Dallin quotes:

"Mom, I ate too much, so my feelings are hurt"

"I have a headache in my elbow"

"I've got growing pains"

"Mom, I am busy"- he uses busy to subsitute for words like lazy or not interested...for example,this phrase it used a lot when I ask him to clean up, he tells me he can't because he is "busy"

"I want some hascream" (translation-ice cream)

"Oh,that is spicy" (this is what he says if he has a carbonated drink)

Evan on the other hand, is full of new tricks lately. He likes to clap, wave, shake is pointer finger back and forth...I wonder who he got this from. He is also showing his personality. He now is interested in trying to make us laugh. He will clear his throat to get our attention and make us laugh, or he will copy us if we are coughing or talking on the phone. Everything goes behind his head/ear like he is talking on the phone, it is so cute. As of about a month ago, he now has 4 teeth (the 2 bottom ones that surfaced first around 6 or 7 months) and 2 top teeth. Two more top teeth are breaking through right now. He is still a pretty happy little boy even during teething, although he is starting to get a temper when he doesn't get what he wants...boy are we in for it!

It is super fun to have these little ones in our house blessing our lives. Parenthood definitely isn't easy, there are many nights I cry before falling asleep, but I am grateful and honored to have this privilege, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Clone Wars!

So the boys are off to see the clone wars right now! Dallin was so excited! Four times this summer we (Dallin, Evan and I) went to the movies for the AMC summer camp-basically they play older movies for a buck. It was a lot of fun, but once the clone wars ads and the billboards came out, Dallin would ask about going to that movie, so finally the day has come! He even took his lightsaber with cute! Evan and I are chillin' at home! (These are pic's I took this summer during the summer camp)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

More pics of the Colorado Adventure

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Here is a collage of pictures that include our fishing adventure (right outside our condo-nice),miniature golfing, panning for gold and balloon animals at the dinner/melodrama event, and Sue's 50th birthday celebrated a couple weeks early! What a vacation! It truly was amazing. Scott and I were talking on the way home how relaxing this vacation was-which was fantastic, we were sad to get back to real life! To another aventure! Cheers!!

Colorado Trip

Earlier this week we returned from a wonderful trip to Pagosa Springs Colorado. Although the drive was long (6 hours to Vegas and then another 12-15 hours to Pagosa Springs), the scenery and activities very amazing. We went to a small wild animal park, we hiked to a waterfall, went fishing, played miniature golf, went to a dinner and Melodrama play- where you hiss and boo the bad guy and oww and awe the poor damsel in distress, panned for gold,had pedicures and celebrated Sue's 50th b-day! It was a ton of fun and always an adventure. We love spending time with the family and look forward to another fun adventure at Christmas time! Thanks mom, Sue and Deonna for putting together such a great trip. And thanks to Jim for providing all of the fishing gear-it was a blast! We love you guys!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn Party

So last night a couple of friends and I headed to the "Breaking Dawn" book release party at Barnes and Noble. The party didn't start until 10pm, with the book being released at 12:01am. I am a fan of the "Twilight" series by Stephenie Meyer and this is the 4th book in the series. I went for the festivities but I didn't stay and buy the book( I don't have any of them, I have borrowed the first 3 from the library). It was a lot of fun, although I was hoping to see some people dressed in crazy vampire get up-but alas, that did not happen, probably because this a young adult book, so most of the people at the party were teenagers. I was probably the one who looked out of place being the oldie there! But it was fun none the less!