Thursday, July 31, 2008

I am a canner, I can!

I hesitated writing this email, because I wanted everyone to take a look at the post below this one (the one with the movie that Scott made staring Dallin), but if I don't do it now, it will be lost forever!

What better way to celebrate Pioneer Day (July 24th) than to go to the cannery! A friend of mine in our ward here set everything up, and another friend was nice enough to watch the boys, so I took the plunge and did it, "I am a canner, I can"! It was a lot of fun, I mean how can you go wrong, I got to wear funny but protective gear and run a complicated machine (not so complicated but I did manage to somehow jam it). Plus I left the cannery with about 17 cans of food storage, not a bad start! All Scott managed to say when he saw my photo documentary was "It is a good thing you don't work in a factory-it is not flattering for you"-nice!

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Getting started-you dump the "product" into the sterile buckets-I was the muscle oh yeah! We did a whole production line-loading the cans, putting in the "moisture packets" (I felt this was a bit stressful, since they can't be exposed to air for too long), labeling, boxing, eating the scraps (that is a no-no) and then cleaning up. It honestly was a blast, thanks to Sarah for setting it up, for Kandi for being so organized and for Cherryl for packing things up so well! It rocked!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July-Vegas style!

There were way too many pictures to put on the blog, so I decided to make a slide show! We had an awesome time in Vegas for the 4th of July. We love spending time with family. It is always a blast to go to Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim's house for the 4th...their pool felt great, the food was excellent and the fireworks were amazing. Maybe I should thank the Moapa Indian Reservation for such a plentiful spread of illegal fireworks...what can I say, the pyrotechnics rocked! We loved spending time with everyone, enjoy the slide show!

Wild Animal Park

Before we left for our trip to Vegas we went out the Wild Animal Park. It was super fun, but super warm that day! Here are a few of the pic's we took from our animal adventure!
(Sorry the slideshow options are in spanish, the "ver todas las fotos"button is the button to push to see all the pictures-the other button "crea el tuyo" is to create your own"...maybe the program knows I am only miles from the border...coincidence or psychic phenomenon???)

Family Picture

Before we left for our Las Vegas Trip we took a family pic!
So here are the Samsons', and as you can tell I am surrounded by my beautiful boys!