Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of those days!

I know from the title of this blog entry I am sure you are expecting to hear me complain about the day, but it is actually the opposite, today was an awesome day! Everyone woke up at a "decent" hour, I would have preferred to sleep longer, but at least it was until about 7:20am...I know for some of you that is late, but not for this girl, not when I am still up once at night/early am feeding Evan, plus I need my beauty sleep-wink wink. The morning ran smoothly and we ended up at the pool right after Evan's morning nap. This was my first time taking the boys to the pool alone, but it was a lot of fun, Dallin is good to me and stays near me, which is good. We then had lunch, we Dallin eagerly helped me prepared, we then all took a nap, then Dad came home and we went to the Farmer's market and then the grocery store. Overall just a great day, one of those days that makes me so happy to be at home with the boys. And a very deserved day may I add...last week, last Tuesday to be exact was not one of "these" days, but one of "those" days, you know the kind that involve my child hitting other children, screaming, throwing a fit in public etc....I was really discouraged and a bit down, so the past few days have been great!

I thought I would attach some pic's to this email-I finally uploaded some pic's so here is a taste of living in Chula Vista:

Here is what we see from our front yard...the Mexican flag! Just kidding, this is actually the border- we went to the outlet malls on the border and I thought this would make a great pic!

Here are a few of the locals:

Here we are embracing San Diego:

Dallin in the outfit Grandma Perry got him from Hawaii.

This is Evan's first bike ride, he had a blast until he fell asleep.


Anonymous said...

I see you're doing all this late at night. Looks so good. I'm glad you got to have one of "those" days as opposed to "that" day last week. See you in about a week. Love you.

The Van Boerum Family said...

I love "those" kind of days too and am waiting eagerly for one to happen soon :) Don't get down on yourself for Tuesday...Ethan was just fine, I just had to explain the black eye to Rob...just kidding!!! We love hangin' with you guys and hope to see you after we get back from Vegas!

Melissa said...

I am so glad you had a good day. It is good to focus on the good days sometimes because it is easier to remember the bad. At least for me. Your boys are so darling.