Monday, June 30, 2008


Mommy and Evan at the Beach
Daddy and the boys on Imperial Beach Pier
Dad and the boys in the pool.

Evan eating the sand at the beach!

Grandma Marian and Dallin making funny faces at the Beach
Smiley Evan at Imperial Beach Memorial

Don't you just love this time of year...when it is warm enough to take a dip in the pool or venture into the freezing Pacific water? We do! We are getting ready to head to Las Vegas for our family 4th of July get together. We love this time of year, being able to spend time with family and friends. I think we look forward to this time of year all year long, being able to jump in Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim's pool, throw squishy water toys as hard as we can at each other, bbq, eat and then watch the fireworks! What a beautiful time of year, plus we get to remember what a blessing it is to live in this free country! I am proud to be an american and I am grateful for the service men and women who keep it free-thanks to Deonna, Uncle Jim and all the others who keep the peace!

Unfortunately we did miss one of our other favorite summertime adventures- our trip to Lake Powell with Scott and Niki Pratt and the whole Smith family. Due to Scott's new job we couldn't make it this year but Scott is already counting down till next year. So we will be there next year!

I hope you all have a great 4th of a July!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of those days!

I know from the title of this blog entry I am sure you are expecting to hear me complain about the day, but it is actually the opposite, today was an awesome day! Everyone woke up at a "decent" hour, I would have preferred to sleep longer, but at least it was until about 7:20am...I know for some of you that is late, but not for this girl, not when I am still up once at night/early am feeding Evan, plus I need my beauty sleep-wink wink. The morning ran smoothly and we ended up at the pool right after Evan's morning nap. This was my first time taking the boys to the pool alone, but it was a lot of fun, Dallin is good to me and stays near me, which is good. We then had lunch, we Dallin eagerly helped me prepared, we then all took a nap, then Dad came home and we went to the Farmer's market and then the grocery store. Overall just a great day, one of those days that makes me so happy to be at home with the boys. And a very deserved day may I add...last week, last Tuesday to be exact was not one of "these" days, but one of "those" days, you know the kind that involve my child hitting other children, screaming, throwing a fit in public etc....I was really discouraged and a bit down, so the past few days have been great!

I thought I would attach some pic's to this email-I finally uploaded some pic's so here is a taste of living in Chula Vista:

Here is what we see from our front yard...the Mexican flag! Just kidding, this is actually the border- we went to the outlet malls on the border and I thought this would make a great pic!

Here are a few of the locals:

Here we are embracing San Diego:

Dallin in the outfit Grandma Perry got him from Hawaii.

This is Evan's first bike ride, he had a blast until he fell asleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Trip to the San Diego Temple

We took a ride up to the temple when we had family in town and took a couple of pictures.

Isn't the San Diego temple gorgeous??

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bloggin Fun!

This blogging thing is super fun, I had no idea how fun it would be to read everyones comments or just catch up with lost friends.
I am proud to anounce that we took the plunge and bought a new computer-Yippee! Hopefully this means no more spontaneous shut downs during the creation of email or now blog messages (that was the main problem with our other computer)-that makes me super cranky...I almost swear. So, thanks economic stimulus for our new computer, although how many times can you really spend your economic stimulus...this has got to be at least the 3rd time for us...haha! Just kidding! Now I just have to pull our pic's from the other computer and upload them here, there are some great ones so hopefully that will motivate me to upload them quickly!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dallin's Room

Moving to San Diego was not as easy has we had hoped, we were "homeless" for about 3 weeks. I use "homeless" because thanks to wonderful friends and family we really weren't homeless, but we didn't get to move into our new townhome as quickly as we had planned. So as soon as we did get into our place we wanted to fix Dallin's room first so that the transition would be a bit easier. We asked him what color he wanted to paint his room and he said "red and orange". Scott was a bit reserved about painting his room red and orange but we did it anyway. So here are the pic's I promised to send months ago showing you Dallin's room. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

About Us!

I imagine that most people who will be looking at this blog already know about us, but some of you haven't heard what we have been up to the last couple of years because I am such a slacker. So here is a recap:

Scott and I were married January 4, 2003 in the beautiful Las Vegas Nevada LDS temple.

We met at BYU so it was only natural that we would return there so that Scott could finish school and ultimately get a "real" job.

I worked at Utah Valley State College, soon be Utah Valley University as of July 1st 2008, as an adjunct biology instructor.

May 3, 2005 Dallin Scott Samson was born into our family.

Shortly after his birth I began working full time at UVSC as the biology lab manager.

August 2007 Scott finishes most of his classes at BYU, graduates and begins an internship shortly after.

September 17, 2007 Evan Michael Samson was born-he came into this world feet first (that is another story)

November 2007 Scott accepts a job with Solar Turbines in San Diego California.

January 2008 we move from our lovely townhome in Provo, with the hopes of quickly moving into our townhome in Chula Vista California...3 weeks later we move in!

That is our life to this point in a nut shell! I will add more details as I get a better feel for the blogging world!

Starting off!

So here I go. I am attempting to start a blog for and about our family. I feel kind of weird right now, like really out of my element...or better yet so not up with the computer generation. It makes me feel a bit old that I don't really know how to do this blog thing, but hey I will give it a try!